Friday, May 23, 2008

Feature Artist: Ali from jellygnite

I only have my genes to blame for this making addiction of mine.

It comes from a childhood of watching Grandma and Mum knit, sew and bake (my dollies were always so well-dressed!). I remember always having my own little projects on the go to mirror whatever the grown-ups were doing.

I come from line women who were always doing something. My hands are always doing, and so is my mind – there are so many yet-to-be-realized creations in there, that I will have to live three lifetimes in order to fulfill them all!

I am inspired by paper ephemera (postage, tickets, old magazines and books...), vintage designs, memories, thriftiness and simplicity. I have always been fascinated with ephemera: collecting ‘rubbish’ to the shock of school friends, hoarding tickets and gathering old treasures. Using these things in my work, as well as vintage and rescued fabrics and buttons, I love imaging the past and trying to recreate some sense of nostalgia in the things I make. Although the things I make are quite varied – bibs, books, brooches, they all have this ‘looking back’ quality to them.

With my making addiction, the things that warm my heart the most are making books and bringing together different materials (whether they be fabric, paper or buttons) to make a wonderful new ‘whole’.

My etsy shop has been a brilliant force – fuelling my addiction and my creativity! Like the women in my family before me, I hope to pass this desire and compulsion to make things on to my own children and perpetuate this wonderful making addiction!

Stop by my etsy shop to see the fruits of my making:


Amalou said...

Hi Ali,

Great feature article. I totally agree about the three lifetimes to fulfill all of the yet-to-be realised creations. Especially if the artist has children!!!

Fabulous work Ali, looking forward to seeing some more of your creations.

Amanda :-)

Ali said...

thank you Amanda - such lovely comments :) ... now, how do we go about getting those extra lifetimes?!

Hot Fudge said...

Hi Ali

What a delightful story. Yes, I think we can all thank the women in our families for the strong love of our craft. Let's hope future generations will likewise benefit from the current mothers and grandmothers.



Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful feature & gorgeous work! This is a great blog btw! Fab idea promoting Brisvegas arts & crafters. I'm in Brisbane also & have recently opened an Etsy store & was wondering about the possibility of joining you guys for the next organised meet-up & being involved in BrisStyle happenings etc. Brisbane rocks! & it's about time that the rest of the world realised that ;)

Hey Harriet said...

PS - Sorry, forgot to mention this in last comment. Any info about meet-ups etc, please feel free to email me. My email link is on my blog. Or convo me via Etsy if you prefer. Hope to hear from you :)

Bec said...

Great post! And I'm SO glad I bought this little Seaside Girl. I look at her and Soda Pop Girl every day as they sit above my sewing machine, and they never fail to make me smile! Love your work Ali :)