Sunday, September 13, 2009


In the mood for some tasty treats that won't add to the waistline? Then look no further, as these yummy BrisStyle goodies are every bit as delectable as they look. Just make sure you've had your dinner before you start browsing, or you may find yourself at risk of desperately clawing through the back of the cupboard for those tasty macaroons you're sure you hid a few weeks ago...

Salad Days - TtV photo
By Hey Harriet

Chocolate Macaroons - Zippered Purse
By Chi Designs

Jellybean pendant
By Strat Designs

Little Girls' Ice-cream with a Cherry on Top Felt Hairclip


Sandrine said...

Yumm it just makes me want lollies now ;))

Creative Arty Facts said...

I really love the "food" inspired thread this week .... and so good to see everyone's creativity cooking along nicely! Liz