Monday, November 23, 2009

2 weeks to go - BrisStyle Indie Designers Market (BIDM)

Can you believe it's Monday again already?? The weeks are flying by faster than a knitting granny as we count down the days until the BIDM!

The grand tour for this week starts with some gorgeous fun items from Wimcee. Steph is very excited about this new range which includes skirts, dresses, brooches, bags, and/or beads to team together or wear separately. There's also brand new over-the-top aprons for the play dough princess or cup cake queen.

(fun from Wimcee)

Check out the latest from Chicuff by Daneve. Daneve's coiling the days away making new earrings and brooches for the BIDM. You can check more out here.

(coil earrings by Chicuff by Daneve)

Maudie the milliner (whynotstreet) will be introducing her "little maudie's creations" at the BIDM. Here's a sneak peek..

(little maudie's creations by Why Not Street)

Let's take a peek now into the world of Little Diva Crafts. This week Christine's been working on some new fabric covered button rings using 'cute as buttons' Japanese Linen. Find out more here.

(new button rings by Little Diva Crafts)

This week, Liz from Creative Arty Facts has been making Polka-Dot Hotties, spotted earrings in cherry red and green apple.....hmmmmm.....delicious!!
(polk-a-dot hotties by Creative Arty Facts)

Bel from EmBelISH has been busily making new magnets and rings for the BIDM. You can see more on the EmBelISH blog including the cutest lego rings you've ever seen!

(magnets by EmBelISH)

Up in Annies Room, Emma has been making brand new 'typestyle' genuine typewriter key bracelets. You can see more here.

('Typestyle' bracelet by Up in Annies Room)

Miriam from Bubbachenille has been making her ever popular heat packs and working on a prototype for a new make up purse. You can see more here.

(ever popular heat paks by Bubbachenille)

Next stop is at Mrs Smiley's. Vanessa has been making new locket charm bracelets ...who says lockets must be worn around your neck??! These charm bracelets will be available at BIDM and custom requests are welcome.

(locket charm bracelet by Mrs Smiley)

This week, Melissa from Taybian is introducing a new product to the 'Italian Dreaming' photographic series. This limited edition collection of prints are beautifully framed with hand crafted leather bookmarks. They'll all be available at the BIDM.

(Italian Dreaming leather bookmark by Taybian)

Marylin from MJMosaics has just released the first of her brand new mosaic pendants and rings that will be available at the BIDM.

(MJMosaics pendants and rings)

Sam from Jetta's Nest has unveiled some sweet new monsters. Oogabooga and friends are made using recycled/vintage chenille and some use recycled fabrics too. They'll all be available along with others at the BIDM.

(Oogabooga and friends - Monster tees by Jetta's Nest)

And finally, Teneale from Wicked Child Designs has been creating more wicked dolls. Check out the latest addition, Vince Noir (from the Mighty Boosh) complete with sequined outfit! You can find more out about Vince on Teneale's blog.

(Vince Noir by Wicked Child Designs)

Stay tuned for next week's post with the all important information about cupcakes, coffee, our resident musical duo and more details about Brisbane's HOTtest desination for everything handmade, the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market!!!


Little Mary Moo said...

Great post again Sam. I can't wait to do some shopping of my own at the BIDM.

littlechrissy said...

Oh my god Vince Noir!!! Gold! Is there are Howard Moon to go with?

Ali said...

ooooh! it's getting closer and closer!
thanks for another great 'shopping list' post Sam! :)

Sandrine said...

how great everybody's work look already can not wait to some shopping time!

Teneale said...

lol little chrissy !! yeah i am considering a howard moon too. so many to do, so little time. better get back to sewing !! xo

Teneale said...

And thanks for the great post Sam! Those typewriter bracelets are awesome, and love the bookmarks Mel !

bubbachenille said...

It's like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid! Thanks Sam.

Tracey said...

Oh I can't wait for the markets!! I'm looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping for myself and for everyone else!! 8)

Bec said...

Wow, so much cool stuff here. I've always wanted a Vince Noir of my own...mmmm...
Blimey, I'd better get cracking myself. Only 2 week to go. EEEekkkk!!!!

Trish Goodfield said...

All these lovely pics makes me wish I could come on the 5th. Alas, it is the day of Mum's 80th Birthday party.

Me and My 4 Fellas said...

OMG OMG OMG...I am so super excited.


Hot Fudge said...

Oooo ... so many good things to choose from. But what is a Vince Noir - am I showing my age? No doubt it's someone really cool if it comes from the Wicked Child stable.

Bec said...

Oh Robyn, I will have to lend you some Mighty Boosh DVD so you can check out the wonder that is Vince Noir...he he...
Check these out for a taste -

Kellie Christie said...

Thanks for the welcome :-) I'm super jealous of all the great shopping that will be at BIDM. At this stage I'm not planning on going :-( hopefully I will have had bubs by then... but if I haven't maybe a good long walk around the markets will help get things going.