Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BiDM: It's a Wrap!

Brisbane blessed the BrisStylers with another beautiful Winter's day for Sunday's BrisStyle Indie Designers Market!

Our marketeers stalls looked better than ever with fabulous wares and exceptional display proving once again that the BiDM is Brisbane's HOTtest destination for everything handmade.

And everything yummy!

Miss Dish
Thanks to Sandrine and Emma for the great photos!

Check out more BiDM tales direct from our marketeers:


The BrisStyle Indie Eco Market (BiECO)
Saturday 10 July
St Augustine's Church Hall and Grounds
Racecourse Road

BiECO promises to be loads of fun, our BrisStylers will be bringing out their best handmade environmentally friendly wares as well as a huge selection of vintage goodies! More exciting BiECO announcements coming soon!

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