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SHOP INDIE: Handmade High Street: PART 2

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to be back today to share our second part about 
Handmade High Street  inspiring story.

So please, make yourself "comfy" and let's listen a little more to our dear Kath about what makes Handmade High Street such a special INDIE Shop in town!


   1.    Where did the name Handmade High Street come from?

My husband and I lived in Ireland for 18 months and they call the strip of shops on the main street in town the ‘High Street’. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the way we used to shop – where everybody knows your name.
We also wanted the name to tell the customer what we sold before stepping in the doors. Hence Handmade High Street marries together the nature of our business and our retail philosophy.

2.    How does Handmade High Street support independent artists and crafters and/or the handmade community?

We believe in helping every artisan who walks in our door whether they decide to rent a space or not. I will always offer ideas and feedback on products if asked and regularly refer potential contributors to other handmade stores in Australia if I feel that their product would fit well with another store’s demographic.
Once a year we host Junction Fair along the shopping strip here which allows artisans from the community to showcase their handmade products.

3.    How can local designers and crafters get involved with Handmade High Street ?

We love Brisbane and Queensland crafters and we also support a small amount of interstate artists. Applications can be submitted on our website or by emailing

4.    What does a typical day at work involve for you?

I arrive in the store early to photograph new products, update our various social media sites and clean. We open our doors at 10am and look after a bunch of lovely customers for the day. Sometimes people will stay in the store for over an hour to peruse all the wonderful things we have on offer! 
After lunch it’s time to upload photos to our online store and Facebook. I usually spend some time tidying the store and continue to serve customers until closing at 4pm.

Ph: 0432 307 300
Address: 1/466 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103

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Or you can visit:

SHOP Hours: 
Mon 10am – 4pm
Tue 10am – 4pm
Wed 10am – 4pm
Thur 10am – 4pm
Fri 10am – 5pm
Sat 10am – 4pm

Thank you again so much Kath 
for this inspiring chat about Handmade High Street again.

A highly recommended Indie Shopping destination in Brisbane.

If you have missed the first part of Kath interview please go and check it out here you will LOVE it!
All images courtesy of ImageInCafe.

Until next time...Happy making!

Sandrine ❤

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