Sunday, June 1, 2014

BrisStyle Etsy Craft Party 2014 - A Special Note to all who've RSVP'd...

Hi there

Thanks so much for sending through your RSVP for the BrisStyle Inc. Etsy Craft Party 2014!  We're so excited that you're all coming along to celebrate with this worldwide crafty event with us.

I'm just getting in touch today with a bit of housekeeping to help you get the most out of the evening.

Your Image
If you're working on a special photograph and you'd like to preserve the original please bring in a copy (either a photocopy or printed from your computer).  If you forget or are unable to make a copy we do have access to a photocopier through Artslink however copies cost 10c each for black and white and 30c each for colour.

Craft Supplies
We will have loads of different craft supplies available on the night (including needles, thread, permanent markets, washi tape etc) for you to use at no cost however if there's something in particular that you're wanting to work with it's a good idea to bring it along with you just in case.

Nibbles and Drinks
We will have some nibbles and drinks (tea, coffee, water and soft-drink) available and we encourage and welcome you to bring a plate along to share to add to the sense of community and celebration.

At this stage we have a waitlist which is growing by the day.  If you are unable to attend please log in to eventbrite and express your decline so that those on the waitlist are given a place.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at  

Stay crafty and I look forward to seeing you all there!!


The 2014 BrisStyle Etsy Craft Party is proudly supported by Short Cuts Lasersarbe invitations and paper and Etsy!

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Unknown said...

Oh gosh! That craft party certainly looks fun. I'm sure there will be lots of participants out there who are wishing to highlight their beautiful crafts. Your community has a wonderful advocacy. I hope everything in the craft party goes well! :)

Stasia Snellgrove @ ALB Image