Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Creative Space Visit - Raynbowcrowstudios

In February this year I was lucking enough to get an all access pass into the world of Bronwyn who is the human dynamo marbler behind Raynbowcrowstudios. She was the first of my studio visits I am going to be doing throughout the year.

I was just a tad excited to see what she did in her studio/workshop to make those fabulous marbled items. I'm sure there are a fair few of us out there that were introduced to marbling during their formative primary school years.

One of the things that make Bronwyn's space so amazing is the peaceful location and green front garden at her house. You pull up under a lovely lush tree and walk up some old stone stairs that look like they have been there since the 1950's.

Her space is set up in the rumpus room as we call it here in Australia under her house. The large glass sliding door looks out to a gorgeous hibiscus hedge. She shares it with her son and husband so there's also a drum set, guitar and a computer area.

I loved seeing her space whilst it was being used to create. It's great to have an area to let your creative side go wild.

The main item in her everyday marbling is her bath of liquid that she uses - I believe it is called "size". She has adapted a wonderful use of a table and frame that allows her to change the amount of size used to marble different things.

For a moment I was inspired seeing a bar fridge near her marbling table but it's only for the marbling.... I was wondering how I could fit one into my workshop. I'm still thinking even now.....

It was like watching an alchemist working when she was adding the colours to the size and then making patterns. It was a pleasure to watch. When I was there she was marbling paper and some of her amazing fans.

She hangs them outside to dry on portable clotheslines that brought back memories of when my children were at preschool and it was so much fun to be able to help her hang her wet items.

I absolutely love plants as any of you who know me would know so it was terrific to see she has a Fiddle Leaf Fig outside! She was on trend so much earlier then most of us.

It was a fabulous morning and I can see by the amount of work and the amount of love she puts into her creations that anyone who gets to own any of them is a very lucky person!

Michelle xx

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myclectic said...

So lovely to see the creative space of others.