Friday, May 15, 2009

BrisStyle Weekly Round Up

It's been a busy week for BrisStyle members with loads of good news and giveaways.

Michelle from Pedrosprout had a huge week with her sweet booties making it to the front page of etsy plus her booties pattern is featured in the current issue of Homespun magazine No. 72 Vol. 10.5

Miriam from BubbaChenille entered 5 handmade items in The Ipswich Show and received 4 places!

Katie from Kitty Boo Boo, Teneale from Wicked Child Designs and Olivia from Scampsville were all featured in RAVE magazine after participating as stall holders at the 4ZzZ Trash and Treasure Market.

Sandrine's etsy shop SMBoutique has officially reopened and she also has a new blog!

Following her success at the Stitches and Craft Show, Christine from Little Diva has opened a new etsy store called Usew2 with easy to follow sewing patterns including the Easy Peasy Girls Skirt.

**BrisStyle Member Giveaways**

Tracy from Hey Harriet is celebrating Shadow Shot Sunday's first birthday with a surprise giveaway for participants. Taking part in Shadow Shot Sunday is easy: take a photo of a shadow, post it on your blog and add your link to Tracy's blog. What a fun and creative way to spend a Sunday! For more info click here.

Jess from Epheriell is giving away two pairs of her Urban Earrings on the Aussie Handmade Giveaway website.

This foxy little brooch is up for grabs in Hayley's weekly RE-read giveaway. She's also on a campaign to unite two lovers Butterball and Ladybug.

Eliza from Elven Hair is giving away one of her keyrings made with Majestic Olive and 24 karat gold. Be quick! This one closes on May 18th. Eliza also has a number of items on sale in her shop to raise funds for Gem, her medical assistance dog who recently had an operation.

And don't forget the BrisStyle Monthly Giveaway!


Bec said...

This is fantastic, having all the BrisStyle members' news and giveaways in one big round-up post each week. A fantastic snapshot of what's been happening for those of us who struggle to keep up with all the news. Thanks so much Rebecca for pulling it all together. Now I'm off to do some blog/shop hopping :)

Hey Harriet said...

This is such a great idea for a regular feature girls. Thanks so much for putting it all together! As Bec said, it's a wonderful way to keep up to date with all the latest BrisStyler news. Especially when there's so much news! I often miss bits and pieces along the way otherwise. Thanks for mentioning my SSS giveaway. Which reminds me, I'd better get that post drafted and ready to publish Sunday! Your hard work is much appreciated :)

Ali said...

Great post - thank you :)
Congratulations to all of those clever BrisStylers - winning awards and featuring in the media!

Unknown said...

woot ... what a generous lot ... thank you for the excellent post :)

bubbachenille said...

This post is awesome...Thanks

Jade said...

Wow so many good things happening and great way to find out in one spot. Thanks Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Great post! BrisStyle Weekly Round Up - I LOVE IT! Thanks Rebecca for all the updates.

Chrisy said...

Congrats to all on the fab publicity....and we all love a giveaway...great idea with the weekly roundup!

Helen said...

WOWEE - what great post. oh I've missed my lil' weekly BrisStyle fix so it's really nice to come back home and find this new roundup. Thanks Rebecca and bec and ALL the girls who have had such a shiny week.


Trish Goodfield said...

Great post girls. Congratulations to everyone on their success.