Monday, May 11, 2009

Fundraiser and Giveaway for Gem

Gem is a medical assistance dog for BrisStyle member Eliza of Elven Hair. Little Gem is having an operation on her knee today and Eliza is having a fundraiser to cover the costs as well as a giveaway on her blog. If you have a spare moment please pop over to Eliza's shop to help out and/or spread the word about Gem.

Elven Hair etsy shop
Elven Hair blog giveaway


Bec said...

All the best little Gem - I hope you have breezed through your surgery and are recovering well. Eliza i'm about to pop over to your shop now.
All the best, Bec XX

Sandrine said...

Little Gem is very cute...I hope she goes well.
All the best from me too.

Eliza Leahy said...

Thank you. She is feeling much better today. Her leg looks like a naked chicken leg! But she is hopping around on three legs fairly well.