Friday, February 24, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y

Is getting organised in your mind my friends?
Some inspirations about getting things in order today right?!

Looks like on Craft and creativity Helena found a new whole use for those little Tic tac containers?
How clever and cute way to organise your ribbons!

Image Source

A pretty set of free printable labels from Giverslog 

Image Source 

A calendar like that  on the decoratrix blog and you will never miss a deadline ?!
How clever is that!

Image Source via pinterest

I Hope you start feeling inspired by now :)

Happy Friday !


Hot Fudge said...

What brilliant ideas. I could cry when I think of the number of empty Tic Tac containers I have thrown out. Not any more!

Sandrine said...

Oh I am sure your grand kids won't mind you getting a little stash of tic tac Robyn! :)

littlechrissy said...

That tic tac container idea is very clever. My ribbon stash is just junked together in a big jar.