Sunday, February 5, 2012

Facebook Tips & Tricks - Creating an Event

Events on Facebook are fantastic if you are having a sale or would like to invite your fans to your next market. It is an easy way to connect with a lot of people and also update them on the sale or market.

How to create and event:
  • ·         Go to use news feed and on the left underneath ‘favourites’ click ‘events’.
  • ·         The events page will open and at the top click the ‘create event’ button.
  • ·         You then have a number of options to choose from including add event photo, event name, start and end time, date, place. Fill out all of the information and don’t forget to add a photo. You can add the link to your business page in the description.
  • ·         Select guests to invite.
  • ·         Once you are finished click ‘create event’.
  • ·         You can edit or view your event by searching for it in the events tab on the left of your news feed.
  • ·         Go to your event.
  • ·         Click the button that looks like a little cog on the top right hand side of your event.
  • ·         You will see some useful options like message guests and share event.
  • ·         Share event gives you options! A pop up window will appear. Click the drop down menu next to share. You can select to post on your wall, on your page, on a friend’s wall, in a group or in a private message. Choose one of these options.
  • ·         You can also right on the wall of the event to update and talk to guests.

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