Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Kimono Reincarnate products to be launched at BiTM!

With only 3 more sleeps till the new BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market, Melanie from Kimono Reincarnate shares some exciting news for the big night!

"Only a few more sleeps until the BrisStyle Twillight markets! And quite possibly even less actual sleeps as I’m so excited with still lots to do. Not only do I have a new marquee for the occasion, but I also have two new lines ready to debut on the night.

I’ve been stitching and folding away, preparing my new vintage kimono origami cranes with embroidered wings. Many have “love” and “joy”, but there is also “hope” and “peace”, and a “health” in the making. As the Japanese origami crane is not only a symbol of peace but also traditionally of longevity and fidelity, they make a great gift for new babies, weddings and for any lover of things Japanese.

I keep joking that as my kimono offcuts keep getting smaller and smaller, my range continues to expand as I can’t bear to throw them away. Well, with my new range of sterling silver studs, I don’t think even I can get any smaller. They are lovely delicate little pieces that you wouldn’t believe the detail found in the vintage textiles I use. The resin captures the light to really make them shine as well as preserving that tiny little sliver of history forever.

Now I have one big job left before our lovely market under the stars; a new hanging display for the cranes. The power tools come out tomorrow! Come by and say hi at the market, and I won’t mind if you sneak a peek to check that I still have all my fingers intact."

Check out Melanie's exciting new products at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market this Friday 30 April at King George Square, Brisbane City from 5-9pm!


Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations said...

gorgeous! and enticing should be a good night at the markets!

Sandra Darling xoxo

Red Revival said...


bubbachenille said...

Gorgeous !

wimcee said...

They are exquisite xx!

Bec said...

Wow Melanie, your work is stunning as always. I love those little earrings - I don't have pierced ears myself so I think my mum may be getting a little bit of kimono goodness this Mother's Day!!!

9crafty11 said...

I can testify these mobiles are gorgeous & was lucky to snap the last one on the night. Hope your night was good Melanie!