Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guest Post :Ali from Jellygnite

Hello :)

This week we are very happy to  welcome our first guest post from former founding committee member Ali of label Jellygnite.

Ali has been travelling around Europe and settled in Italie for the past few months.
 It is so nice to have some little glimpse into such a great adventure!

Please make yourself comfortable to take off for your "e- travel" to Italy with our dear Ali!

As a family, we have been living it up on the other side of the world for the past few months. We have taken six months out of our lives to experience something different. We are living in Dolianova, a little town just north of Cagliari, the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia. I have been keeping a blog of our adventures and here is a post I wrote recently on the great street art I've discovered over here in 'our' city! 

enjoy x

It seems that Cagliari’s street art culture is quite developed. It’s fun to wander around the city admiring all the street art. There are a few artists’ works I can recognise about the place – images of whales or of funny little people – and there is also street art that has taken delightful advantage of the surrounding street environment to create amusing artworks.
Lots of little faces adorn the electricity meters.
I was please to see a bit of yarn-bombing in Italy too!
I love this one!
These little men are all over the city – I think they’re having a party here.
The whales are my favourite. I always go to Cagliari armed with my camera in the hopes of spotting some new whales. My family is enthusiastically in on my adventure, often dangling the camera out of the car window or slowing in crazy 3-lane traffic (which is usually more like 6 ‘unofficial’ lanes) just to get a new whale pic!
Some are sneaking a kiss, hopelessly in love….
Some are sliding down stairs…
Some are a bit shy…
Some seem a little aloof…
Some are just too quick!
I really love the serenity that seems inherent in whales anyway. These whales of Cagliari seem to be peacefully floating their way through the city; up the walls of the old town, floating in shadows by the highway and hiding around corners. These ‘graffiti’ whales are really quite harmless and quirky. They remind me a lot of the Australian illustrator Shaun Tan’s imagery.
I hope to discover some more swimming happily through Cagliari’s streets in the coming months before we leave.
Thank you so much Ali for taking us with you in this little tour 
around the Cagliari's Street with you.
Now, If you would like to know a little more about Ali's adventures, 
go and check
Residenza Elettiva for more !

Happy weekend!
Sandrine x

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