Monday, May 21, 2012

Creative Networking in the suburbs...

Many thanks to all who came along to soak up the local crafty vibes at last week's Creative Networking Nights as part of the BrisStyle Craft Caravan's inclusion in the June 3 Racecourse Road Carnival.

First stop was Brisbane's Hamilton Ward where Rebecca, Steph, Freda and Dawn took us on their creative journey's. We were encouraged to join crafting groups, think about exhibiting our work, inspired to re-purpose materials and other found objects and of course, to say "I can do that" to any new project that came our way! ( Thanks Freda) 

Steph showing the diversity in her work
Dawn describing her creative process
Penny, Amanda and Karen talking craft

Julie, Dyani and Betsy talking craft guilds

The captivated Hamilton audience

Next stop was Bracken Ridge, Marchant and Deagon Ward's creative hub of Sandgate....and what a centre of inspiration it was! This time we were there as part of the BrisStyle Craft Caravan's inclusion in the June 2 Zillmere Festival.
Fifi and Linda Judie and Vicki  wowed us with their creative journey's and taught us how to shimmy, what a weighted blanket does and how easy it is to showcase your wares through retail. 
Fifi and Linda take us on their creative journey

Then teach us how to bellydance...Kazuri Tribe style!

Judie inspired us with creative tales from Chermside Library's  Sisters of Stitch

Vicki kindled our passion for handmade
Tea, supper, giggles and lot's of crafty networking abounded

It was a night of connecting associates, old and new friends with each other and their crafty endeavours

Thanks to everyone who braved the cool snap to embrace creativity in their local areas. Thanks for all the fabulous comments too......

"Great speakers and network opportunity, Thank You" 

"I didn't know there were so many creative people in my suburb and so many groups to join!"

"Very inspiring to hear from and meet so many creative people who live in my suburb"

"Brilliant fun getting to know new crafters and designers"

"So nice to know there are people like me living just around the corner"

For more local crafty networking opportunities join us at the...

BrisStyle Craft Caravan 


Friday 1 June 10am - 4pm King George Square, Brisbane

Saturday 2 June  11am - 5pm  Zillmere Multicultural Festival

Sunday   3 June   9am - 4pm Racecourse Road Carnival 

See you all then!

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