Monday, January 26, 2009

A Very Happy 2009!

Fireworks by Artdecadence

Happy New Year everyone! This may seem to be a rather belated new year greeting but it’s not really. With Chinese New Year celebrations still in full swing, our new year wishes to you are right on time according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The BrisStyle holiday break is now well and truly over and we are back to regular weekly posting. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that 2009 is treating you well so far. The BrisStyle Team are all very enthusiastic about this year and have many exciting things planned. Most of which will be revealed closer to the time of them happening, but one of the fun things planned for the year can be mentioned now. The BrisStyle Monthly Giveaways! Each month one of our talented members will be kindly offering something to giveaway to YOU. Yes, YOU! The beautiful readers of this here blog will have an opportunity to win a fab prize each month. Every month! At the beginning of each month the giveaway will be announced, along with a feature of the BrisStyle member who is giving away that particular item. It will be a nice way for you to get to know our members a little bit better, while being in the running to win cool free stuff from them. The winners of the giveaways will be randomly drawn and announced here at the end of each month. The monthly giveaways kick-off in February, so please be sure to pop back in early next week for our very first member giveaway/feature.

In other news...

While BrisStyle was on holidays we were very happy to discover that we were featured on the extremely beautiful and popular Desire to Inspire blog as part of their Brisbane (and beyond) bloggers post. A huge thanks to the Desire to Inspire crew for including BrisStyle. It meant a great deal to us all. Especially so, because Desire to Inspire is a big favourite and much loved blog amongst BrisStylers. If by chance you’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing this stunning blog, do head on over to take a peek. You’ll be totally smitten with it!

We’ll be back early next week for our very first member giveaway of the year. Just thought to mention it again in case you missed that info in the first paragraph. And it's far too exciting to miss! So until then take care and have a great week!