Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gidget goes Ga-Ga for BrisStyle!

It’s United Nations Day on the 24th of this month. It’s the International Year of the Potato this year, as declared by the United Nations. How does this relate to BrisStyle you may well ask? Well, it doesn’t really except for the fact that potatoes are a popular vegetable and most BrisStyle members likely eat them on a fairly regular basis. When I think of potatoes I think of chips. Hot chips. With fish. Yes, fish & chips on the beach! So this post will feature a selection of BrisStyle seller items that fit in with the theme of sunny days on the beach eating fish & chips. So you see, there is a link to potatoes after all that. Phew! Lucky my first thoughts were of chips and not mashed potatoes. That would be a tricky theme to work with…

Print - Teasing the Waves Original Artwork
by Elizas Art

Dazzling Board Shorts for your Little Surfie
by Ogekko

Surfers Paradise - Vintage button Earrings

Julie Coquelicot (pretty pop) Hat

Little Portrait of a SURFER GIRL - Art Print

Northern Waters Wolf Brooch

Haven’t seen any wolves on any of the beaches I frequent, but sure wish I did. They’d chase away those pesky Ibis birds that are so fond of rudely stealing my lunch!

Pink Sun Top

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

I swear I saw our PM Kev on the beach recently. Or somebody who looked remarkably like him. He was wearing speedos. And it wasn’t pretty.

If you fancy purchasing any of the super items featured here, then simply click on the seller name to be transported to their Etsy shop. Best of all, in celebration of United Nations Day this month, if you purchase any of these items during October, a bucket load of good karma will be headed your way. That good karma will also extend to the purchase of any item from any BrisStyle member by the way. There’s plenty of good karma to go around! And chips! Would you like one? Ooops…too late. All gone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrate Christmas, the BrisStyle way!

If you are a budding ethical consumer who is looking for gifts that are unique, well-made, with a little soul, and a lotta style, then The 2008 BrisStyle Christmas Market in Hamilton is the place to Shop.

Find all these goods and more at the BrisStyle Christmas Market

The Historic Town Hall in Hamilton creates the perfect environment for this boutique event. Ample Street parking & easy access via the Rivercat, the hall has wheelchair and pram access as well as plenty of shade.

The gourmet food stall in the leafy courtyard is catering for the Brisbane summer with cool drinks and traditional Christmas treats.

Meander through the stalls of the distinctive and the fresh, chat to the makers and learn about them, and their wares, while the soothing sounds of the acoustic entertainment kindles your Christmas Spirit.

You’ll find something very different here. Like most sellers on, the BrisStyle designers take great pride in adding that little extra for their customers. Whether it’s beautiful packaging, personal gift wrapping, little cards, or extra gifts, it’s sure to be something that touches the heart.

This Christmas the artists and designers of BrisStyle will also give their support to various charities with the hope that through your gift giving, you and they can make even a small difference to someone’s life.

So embrace the BrisStyle enthusiasm, support your local community and shop ethically this Christmas.

Location: Hamilton Town Hall, Cnr Rossiterand Racecourse Rd, Hamilton, Brisbane
Date: Saturday 13th December 2008
Time: 9am – 4pm