Thursday, April 29, 2010

One sleep to go! BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market!

With only one more sleep till the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market our fabulous committee gals Bec and Helen were snapped with Lord Mayor Campbell Newman in today's City News!

You'd be crazy to miss it!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? The BrisStylers have all bases covered with this fabulous guide to what's HOT for Mother's Day.

1. Personal Photo Rectangle Glass Pendant from Kish Photography; 2. Spring Bird Lunch Tote Bag - Insulated - Zipper from Bon Tons; 3. Whimsical Birdcage Decoration from Retro Bird Designs; 4. Art Deco Retro Ladies Note Paper Set from Jellygnite

1. Sea Bird Brooch from edward & lilly; 2. Shoulder Bag - pink pear from Alipink; 3. Mother's Day Special! Travellers Shoe Bags from Hot Fudge; 4. Art Card - Marbled Rose II from Sandra Darling

1. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve from Tutus and Muddy Shoes; 2. 12 Edible Embossed Fondant Sugar Heart Cake Toppers Your Choice of Colours from Enticing Icing; 3. Push my Button Brooch from Kellie Christie; 4. Mother's Day Boxed Chocolate Bouquet - Small from Love Marriage Baby Carriage Gifts

1. Red Twilight - New Moon Soda-Pop Cuff from Ruby2GoGo; 2. Vintage Mother Brass Locket from Mrs Smiley's; 3. Autumn Harvest Long Necklace from Rock'n'Wrap; 4. Bike Cotton Tea Towel from UnCielo

1. Game On Scrabble and Domino Pendant Kit - Free Shipping to Aust. from Up in Annie's Room; 2. Old Mother Dog Upcycled Paper Brooch from REread; 3. Teapot Brooch from Tree Party Design; 4. Original Woodcut Print - Iron lace, eiffel design from Flight Industries

1. Silver and Roses Bangle from Shazzabeth; 2. Ladies Apron with Frill - Wallflower Skye Blue from Wonderland Avenue; 3. Long line leather necklace from Creative Arty Facts; 4. Linen Shopping Bag from Obilane

1. Tea and toile adult's full apron from Wimcee; 2. Blue Madonna Religious Icon Bracelet from Ruby2GoGo; 3. Universal Shoulder Bag Urban Type from Beckybean; 4. Eco Oval Vintage Inspired Brooch Free Shipping from Chicuff

1. Green pleated apron from PByers Design; 2. Necklace Mom or Mum handmade from sterling silver from Epheriell Designs; 3. Retro Shoulder Bag from Seamstress Daughters; 4. Vintage Chenille Purse from Bubbachenille

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Swing by the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market tomorrow night 5-9pm at King George Square Brisbane City or the BrisStyle Indie Mother & Child Market Saturday 8 May at St Augustine's Church Hall, Racecourse Road, Hamilton, 9am-2pm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Crafty World of Denim Days

This week the BrisStyle team caught up with Tracey from Denim Days for a little chat about her crafty practice.

How would you describe your work?

My favourite medium is recycled denim, it has so many different colours and textures….pockets, zips, belt loops, hems – so much to inspire and so easy and comfortable to wear! I am a true craft nut, always trying something new, so my work is an eclectic mix of whatever inspires me at the time.

How did your Etsy shop come into being?

A customer introduced me to Etsy, I was so excited to see so many like minded people in one place! I started my Etsy shop soon after, about 3 years ago, procrastinated for about a year, then timidly started listing my work. Once I joined this lovely group of people 'BrisStyle' my confidence grew, which in turn has helped my shop to grow.

Who or what inspires you?

Every where, every thing I see, sometimes the smallest thing can start a great idea - I just love to see hand made becoming so popular online and now in retail shops as well, Mum and I email each other at least 2 or 3 times a day with amazing finds that inspire us both.

Do you ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ as part of your creative process?

The main focus for my hand crafting is to reuse and recycle in an effort to help our environment. My denim range is completely recycled, I have a range of pretty flowers that are recycled from vintage clothing, I post my orders in envelopes I made from recycled fashion mags. I try to make every product with reduce, reuse, recycle in mind.

Can you describe your studio/work area?

I am so lucky, I started off on the coffee table, but now have a whole room at the heart of the house. I am surrounded by the things that inspire me, I can leave my projects all out ready to come back to anytime I like, I find my work so enjoyable.

What is your favourite thing in the shop at the moment?

I think my favourite is my denim necklaces, I wear one nearly every day, I find them so comfortable and I think they look great.

Do you have any other places that people can view/purchase your work?

My children's range can be found at House and Doll 164 Oxford St Bulimba. Other items can be found at Thousand Island Dressing Oxford St Bulimba.

And online at:
gearing up

PLUS!! Tracey will also be at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market this Friday night 5-9pm, 30 April at King George Square, Brisbane City.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moose & Bird in Frankie!

A big congratulations to BrisStyle member Melinda from Moose & Bird who's gorgeous pear shaped cushion is featured in the current issue of Frankie!

You can check out more of Melinda's fabulous wares in the co-op section of the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market on Friday night at King George Square, Brisbane City AND at the BrisStyle Indie Mother & Child Market on Saturday 8 May at St Augustine's Church Hall, Racecourse Road, Hamilton.

New Kimono Reincarnate products to be launched at BiTM!

With only 3 more sleeps till the new BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market, Melanie from Kimono Reincarnate shares some exciting news for the big night!

"Only a few more sleeps until the BrisStyle Twillight markets! And quite possibly even less actual sleeps as I’m so excited with still lots to do. Not only do I have a new marquee for the occasion, but I also have two new lines ready to debut on the night.

I’ve been stitching and folding away, preparing my new vintage kimono origami cranes with embroidered wings. Many have “love” and “joy”, but there is also “hope” and “peace”, and a “health” in the making. As the Japanese origami crane is not only a symbol of peace but also traditionally of longevity and fidelity, they make a great gift for new babies, weddings and for any lover of things Japanese.

I keep joking that as my kimono offcuts keep getting smaller and smaller, my range continues to expand as I can’t bear to throw them away. Well, with my new range of sterling silver studs, I don’t think even I can get any smaller. They are lovely delicate little pieces that you wouldn’t believe the detail found in the vintage textiles I use. The resin captures the light to really make them shine as well as preserving that tiny little sliver of history forever.

Now I have one big job left before our lovely market under the stars; a new hanging display for the cranes. The power tools come out tomorrow! Come by and say hi at the market, and I won’t mind if you sneak a peek to check that I still have all my fingers intact."

Check out Melanie's exciting new products at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market this Friday 30 April at King George Square, Brisbane City from 5-9pm!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paint the town Zed..

Legendary Brisbane radio station, 4ZzZ is celebrating it's 35th birthday in 2010 and to celebrate they're offering you, yes you the opportunity to unleash your creative juices on the biggest blank canvas Brisbane has to offer!

The 4ZzZ Paint the town Zed competition is offering one lucky entrant the opportunity to transform the brick frontage of 'Zed Towers' into a mindblowing Brisbane icon. If you think you've got the goods make sure you get in fast. Entries close 30th May 2010.

For more information head to the 4ZzZ website.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rock'n'Wrap prep for the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market

Want to know what's going on behind the scenes at Rock'n'Wrap? With two weeks to go and counting El lets us in on a little sneak peek of her BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market preparations...

"Twilight markets?! How exciting! And so pretty – fairy lights, lanterns....oh good golly, I’ve got none of that. In fact, I’ve got no lighting organised at all! Better get my skates on.

Right, more sterling silver wire ordered. Colourful and unique cabochons all lined up....which ones to use first? Actually, I’ve got some beautiful Queensland Agate ready for the final polishing out the back on my lapidary machines. Shiny as glass, beautiful velvety reds. Maybe I should make some of those into wire-wrapped pendants first. And some gorgeous ocean-coloured malachite/chrysocolla. Got some hot pink druzy crystals here somewhere too... And earrings, there’re fabulous matching lampwork glass beads here somewhere.... oh there they are, plum, lavender, turquoise. I’ve got a lot to work with, and a lot of work to do! Oh, and the ever popular Ear Candy earrings, so simple and dainty. Perfect for making in front of the tellie. TV, what am I talking about, I’ve got a 14-month old, I don’t watch television. And Playschool doesn’t count, we’re too busy dancing and singing to get any jewellery made. Oh, great news. Nonna’s coming to stay for a week, so I can do some uninterrupted wire-wrapping. Huzzah! Absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind pendants, earrings and necklaces for everyone. Well, everyone who comes to the fantastic Twilight Markets, that is ;D See you there!"

You can check out all of El's finished products at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets, King George Square, Brisbane City on Friday 30 April, 5-9pm.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mix Tape: The Kids Issue

The new Kids Issue of Mix Tape is out now and will be available for sale on the BrisStyle stall at both the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market on 30 April, 5-9pm at King George Square and at the BrisStyle Indie Mother and Child Market on 8 May, 9am-2pm at St Augustine's Church Hall and Grounds, Racecourse Road, Hamilton.

MixTape is a proud sponsor of the BrisStyle Indie Mother and Child Market and the Kids Issue looks to be a bumper one, check it out here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sybella Boutique at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market

Belinda from Sybella Boutique has been sewing up a storm and is super excited to share a sneak peek of her preparations for the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market! Take it away Belinda...

"Ok so I have been strapped to the sewing machine in preparation for the twilight market. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to see King George Square filled to the brim with all things BrisStyle under twinkling lights. One of the new products I will have available is sybella coin purses – this will be the first market they will be available at. The poor delivery man got a hug from me the when my new shipment of gorgeous Japanese linen arrived. He couldn’t understand my excitement at seeing the Wizard of Oz, rabbits and babushka doll linen but I am sure you can! I ripped the package open before I even signed for it. I will also have a few new and one off designs available on the night. See you there!"

The BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market is on Friday 30 April 2010 from 5pm-9pm at King George Square, Brisbane City.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Behind the BiTM scenes with Mrs Smiley's Lockets

BrisStylers are getting ready for the first BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market and we're giving you a little behind the scenes sneak peek at what some of our fabulous marketeers are working on for the big event! Kicking it off is Vanessa from Mrs Smiley's Lockets:

"Table cloths are ironed, gazebo is clean, lights have been tested and my new market frock is hanging in the all I need to do is make some lockets! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some fabulous rare postage stamps and vintage sheet music that I have managed to get my hands on and am very anxious to get to work with them. Having used postage stamps and sheet music for such a long time now, this new collection will be something extra special with some music being over 100 years old. The best thing is, as with all my stamp and music lockets, they will all be one of a kind and available at the first BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market."

Mrs Smiley's Lockets can be found at the first BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market on Friday 30 April from 5-9pm at King George Square, Brisbane City.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Big BrisStyle Giveaway

The Big BrisStyle Giveaway is on again!

At the start of each month a group of BrisStylers will be hosting a giveaway on their blog!

So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking and check out these great giveaways. BrisStylers will be entering links on this post throughout the month so check back later for more glorious giveaway updates!

Please note only members of BrisStyle are eligible to enter their link below.