Sunday, April 27, 2008

Featured Artist - Hot Fudge

Robyn Dixon is the owner of this fabulous store, stocking a range of children’s clothing, quilts and various other fabric items.

Coming from a long line of tailors and dressmakers, going back to her great-great grandfather, it is hardly surprising that she can produce such stunning, high quality items.

Over the past twenty-three years she has also been a quilter, making both traditional and contemporary quilts. In her twenties she owned a fashion boutique at Bondi Beach.

So don't be shy come and visit this lovely etsy store, Hot Fudge

Friday, April 11, 2008

Feature Artist - Green Envy Designs

The founder of of BrisStyle, Esther's passion of beading started at the grand old age of 8 when she receive a small tub of plastic beads.

Today her passion for stringing beads has not deminished but her beads are no longer plastic and her talent for creating beautiful things from the tiniest of beads is clear when you see her work.

Intricate weaves are used to create stunning wearable art. She has tackled nearly every weave there is and combined them in many different ways to come up with intricate and unique new beaded products.

Luckily for us Esther's head is still full of new designs, and the question "I wonder if I can do that?"

So don't delay pop into Esther's etsy store for a peek, you really wont be sorry!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Beckybean handbag giveaway!

One of our BrisStyle members, Bec from Beckybean, is currently running a giveaway for one of her bags, on her personal blog (The Small Stuff). The lucky draw winner will be announced on Friday, so plenty of time to enter.

All you have to do to be in the running is visit the blog and leave a comment.

So get yourself across to The Small Stuff blog and say hello to Bec. You may just win a Beckybean bag of your own!

Good luck!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

BrisStyle at Paddington Markets

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? On Saturday 29 March I joined two other BrisStyle girls, Helen (Ruby Red Studios) and Olivia (Scampsville) at the inaugural Paddington Fair Market. As my husband and I parked to unload the car, a large clown with fluffy red hair came blazing down the street on what looked to be a converted golf buggy, festooned with balloons and streamers. What a promising start to a day of fun.

We soon located the girls and after a quick set-up, Tony left me to my baptism of fire. Thank goodness for the experienced Helen and Olivia. In no time my little space was expertly revised and we were ready for business.

The location was ideal - a delightful playground and parklands set in the middle of an inner city suburb, with skateboard pathways and ramps for the older children, play equipment for the younger ones, and lots of green spaces and trees for all to enjoy - a true oasis. The weather was threatening, but the rain held off and by the middle of the day the sun came out.

Being a fairly small event was a blessing in disguise, as I had to learn quickly. The crowds fluctuated, one minute sparse, empty spaces and the next the rush of people. We were entertained by live music and there was plenty of delicious coffee on hand to keep us energised.

Young families were the order of the day and all appeared to have a wonderful time, with lots of activities for the children, the music to add to the festive atmosphere, and lots of goodies to buy from us vendors. Helen and Olivia worked the crowds like the troupers that they are and we always had smiling faces around us.

It was a sharp learning curve, but one I truly enjoyed. I certainly learned some new tricks!

Robyn Dixon
Hot Fudge