Friday, March 21, 2008

Market to Market

Author:- Helen Berthold

There's something about waking up at the crack of dawn to a loaded ute (or Barina as the case used to be) and fumbling your way in the dark with the sense of excitement that comes with being a weekly Marketeer!

The Market life holds something romantically fascinating. There's a unique sense of community and common passion for each individual stallholders booty of wonderful and sometimes weird goods. Then there's the thrill of what the day may bring especially those customers who inspire your future designs and become fans for life. It really all makes for an addictive day out.

The only other thing that can compare is the virtual market place that is This time though it's a global market place with communities such as BrisStyle that bring a similar sense of fun and excitement into our very homes.

Well the BrisStyle Etsians are ready to get back to the streets as the smell of the marketplace once again hits our beautiful Brisbane air. So come and visit us here and say hello - just look for the BrisStyle flyers

The Little Market Friday night 28th March at the Avid Reader Bookshop, Boundary Street ,West End 5.30pm to 8.00pm on Avids back deck.

Paddington Fair on Saturday the 29th of March 10am-4pm at Neil Macrossan Park opposite Suncorp Stadium and The Servo weekly eclectic market on Sunday 30th, 9am -2pm right out the front of The Servo 78 LaTrobe Tce paddington.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Birth of BrisStyle

Esther of Green Envy Designs recently moved to Brisbane and feeling rather lonely, and having a hard time finding a job and meeting new people, she decided that sitting around moping was not what was needed. No, she was going to take the bull by the horns and change things.

Esther had many friends in her hometown of Adelaide who shared her creative/designing talents as a hobby, and she longed for a similar group of friends in Brisbane.

Esther says, "As I was browsing Etsy one day I realised just how many Brisbane Etsians there actually were. I checked out many of their shops and felt overwhelmed by the art they make. So I took it upon myself to contact everyone I could find and ask them to meet up. Again, I was overwhelmed by the volume of responses!"

When the meeting date arrived Esther was still feeling very nervous about how many people would actually show. 15 people had said they'd be there, 10 others said they would try to and 7 said that unfortunately they couldn't be there but would definitely try for the next one.

Esther arrived a little early to make sure all was well organised. Unfortunately the tables had not been set up yet, but within five minutes Ester had it sorted out and met the first of the new BrisStyle Team members, Andrea. Esther says, "I was impressed to hear she had not started selling on Etsy yet but was very close to doing so; she heard by word of mouth that there was to be a meet-up and she dropped by! WOW! How cool is that!? (this was Andrea from art'n'designing)"

Slowly other people started arriving and everyone settled themselves with a cup of coffee and conversation flowed.

The meet-up was a true success. Everyone was so excited at the opportunity to promote Etsy as a team, show Brisbane what real quality handmade means and share interests! Learn, talk and enjoy good company and most of all, combine our strength.

Of the initial people who accepted the invitation, not everyone was able to come in the end, but the 12 wonderful artists who came were:

Rebecca of Alma B with her gorgeous graphic designs available as print or jewellery;

Michelle of Pedrosprout and her lovely felted booties;

Momo of Studio Kurashi (stay tuned for listings!);

Jo of Desire to Inspire by MidcenturyJo with her unique style original art designs!

Olivia of SCAMPSville who creates original cross-stitches that reflect mischief and mystery;

Helen of Ruby Red Studios with gorgeous vintage jewellery and clutch purses;

Robyn of Hot Fudge with her great quality limited children's clothing line;

Andrea of Art'n'Designing (still in the process of setting up shop);

Emily of Kuber who creates gorgeous tin beasties and carved letters;

Amanda of Twinkle Star Art with her fabulous imaginative, colourful and fun graphics designs for children's rooms!

Alison of Jellygnite with her stunning plushies, handmade notebooks, art cards and jewellery;

Esther of Green Envy Designs, with stunning bead woven jewellery design treasures.

With these great artists the street team was set up and many more have since joined. BrisStyle is sure to become a great success!