Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feature Artist Moore Taste

I've always loved making things, as a child my grandfather taught me to embroider, my great aunt taught me crochet and my mum taught me to knit on needles and on a knitting machine.

Over the years I've probably tried just about every craft ever invented (a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift!!) but my love of metalworking really started in 1975, when I took a metalworking class at school. I absolutely loved it but at that time metalworking was not encouraged as a career and certainly not as a career for a 'girl'.

So having taken the responsible decision to take a job with a local bank my memories of my love for metalworking started to fade.

In 2005, I started making amulet bags, moved on to beaded jewellery, wire wrapping and chainmaille, lampworking (really not good at lampworking!!!) and fusing glass pendants.

Then miraculously after 25 yrs working in Finance and IT, I took up the torch again and the passion came flooding back. Since then I have hardly put it down. I love the way metal takes on a life of its own when it is bent, hammered and heated.

Although I am a SAHM of 2 very small children I always find time for my metalwork and love to try new techniques whenever I can.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catering for kids – brisStyle goodies for babes and children

Who doesn’t love spoiling the special little people in our lives? Now you can do it in style with these lovely brisStyle creations.

Carousel Rose PONY ART
By Twinkle Star Art

One quality 8 x 8 inch art print – perfect for your little girl's room, or baby's nursery. If you would like the hair colour to match the little girl you'll be giving this to, please request a HAIR COLOUR with your purchase.

Miss Magenta Monkey Little Jelly
By Jellygnite
She’s stylish, this little monkey and has such a sweet heart! These ‘little jellies’ are soft little ‘babies’ with floppy limbs and sweet faces. They are the perfect size for little hands and cuddles and their floppy legs are great for babies to grab / suck on! They also make lovely companions for grown-ups!

Red Robin - Cranberry Baby Booties
By Pedrosprout

These booties are made from Kunin Ecospun felt, a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles (red felt made from 50% Ecospun, 50% acrylic). They are fully lined with no exposed seams and have a velcro strap to help them stay on.

Jumper Dress, Florentine
By Hot Fudge

Here’s something that will look absolutely adorable on your little girl. The contrast piping at the neckline, armholes and bodice is hand-made and to top it off, the dress is fully lined with red and white check fabric. The shoulder ends are reinforced with Vylene for extra strength, and the four buttons contrast beautifully with the red top.

Stroller or Pram Purse - Candy Stripe
By Pram Purse

My own design - The "Pram Purse" is here! The "Pram Purse" is a unique product that allows you to walk your pram with all your essential items at your fingertips. Simply button it onto any type of pram with the secure denim strap and you are ready to go.

Toddler Batik Kimono Wrap Top
By Ogekko

This little kimono-style top is made from a very colourful batik fabric. The base colour is a soft pink and it has deep pink and purple overlaid on it and turquoise highlights. The top is bound around all edges with turquoise cotton and ties on the inside (with mauve ribbon for comfort) and on the outside.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Officially Yummy

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the latest BrisStyle meeting but Robyn said that I could use and abuse her own blog entry in order to keep everyone here up todate.

New members Jo and Sharon were welcomed to their first meeting by Helen, Bec, Ali, Amanda, Georgia, Robyn and our founder Esther. Other members sadly could not make our meeting, due to prior commitments or illness in the family.

The group gathered at a large coffee shop opposite the site of our planned Christmas market in busy upmarket Hamilton. It was a warm and friendly gathering and of course, Show and Tell was high on the agenda. Apparently Jo's baby items were delightful as were her colourful mini tissue cozies (Prampurse Etsy shop), Sharon's stunning jewellery beautiful jewellery was seen in real life for the first time.

Also shown were Bec's latest bag made of the most wonderful fabric (Wheresbeckybean), Ali's eye-catching retro jewellery and so appealing "little jelly" soft toys, each with its own name (Jellygnite), Helen's beautiful retro button earrings (RubyredStudios), and Robyn's latest childrens dresses (HotFudge). Esther (GreenenvyDesigns) topped everyone, though, with her three page article in a just-published issue of an American beading magazine. She was also wearing her latest creation, an exquisite beaded necklace which had to be seen to be appreciated. Well done, Es.

Then it was down to the business of the nuts and bolts of working out the committee members, joining fee and basic rules.

Our big day, 13 December may seem so far away, but look how fast the first six months of the year have flown! In the coming months new members will join our group and it all augers well for our Christmas market.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruby a Go Go

“First I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side”. And then I discovered that the world had suddenly shifted and it was cool to be, dare I say - a hoarder.

If only I had looked up the definition of the word “hoard” before, I would have saved myself from years of therapy:

“A hidden fund or supply stored for future use; a cache”.

Visions of pirate ships and 60s uber cool secret agents came to mind. A cache eh? Well I’ll be darned! Now I was sure that it would be safe to share my family penchant for keeping all that is weird and wonderful from this world.

There was also a revolution at hand that gave me greater hope. Reduce, re-use and recycle - what joy, what rapture unforeseen! I was not alone in this kooky old world, in fact, I may even be 'en vogue'!

Now I find myself in a haven, surrounded by like minded crafters who love their collections, covet their caches like the crafty pirate queens that we all are. They have introduced me to a new therapy in the wonderful world of planet ‘blog’, a place where you can actually share all your collected treasures - big sigh!

So thanks Brisstylettes, I will be your little grasshopper as I take ruby red studios on its next adventure. Here are some pics that are all part of my new range soon to be launched in my etsy shop - enjoy.

x helen from rubyredstudios