Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Christmas wrap!

Get ready for the last BrisStyle post for the year folks. And let me warn you. It's a biggie. You might like to settle yourself down with a cup of tea first. Break out the tim tams. And enjoy the wrap-up.

In case you haven't already heard around the bloggy/crafty traps, the first ever BrisStyle market was an outstanding success. And on so many levels too! Not only was there a steady stream of smiling happy people all day (I think I got to sit down for all of about 20 mins for the entire 7 hour day!!!), but even the heat couldn't keep the huge smiles off the faces of the stallholders. Quite simply, it was heaps of fun.

The atmosphere was festive indeed, with music flooding the hall and courtyard, and excited stallholders chatting away (many of us had never met in real life before, although we had all communicated online regularly, so getting together was exciting in itself!).

From a personal perspective I could go on and on about what a fabulous market it was, and how proud I am to have been a part of it, and what an amazing group of people the BrisStyle crew are. But I'll spare you and let the pictures do the talking (unfortunately I was way too distracted to get round and take photos of all the stalls, so here is just a selection of market pics I've cobbled together from those organised enough to take some snaps!!).

Pedrosprout (top) and Hot Fudge (bottom)

Oh, I'll just also mention, that we raised $247 for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy, the charity that we supported by way of a raffle of members' goods and general donations (congratulations Diane Jones on your win, we hope you love your handmade items!!) .

Raffle Goodies

We also had the lovely Olivia from Scampsville doing a live cross from the market as part of her radio show At The Local on 4ZZZ. So if you'd like to hear a bit of live action from the day you can listen to the podcast, where Olivia interviews Helen (from Ruby Red Studios & Ruby2GoGo), Hayley (from REread) and myself (Beckybean). She also has a chat with Karen from Knitting for Brisbane's Needy, if you're interested in hearing more about this very worthy local charity.

Little Diva (top left) Kitty Boo Boo (top right) and Not Sew Shabby (bottom)

So it was a fun fun day (even if a bit hot...). Did I mention the food? My homemade iced tea (made with real Billy Tea) was refreshingly divine, as was my roast veggie wrap, and don't even get me started on those gorgeous mini christmas puddings that were handed around by Sharlene from Sharlzndollz!!!

Salt Sea Tees (top left) Little Diva (top right) and EmbelISH (bottom)

Bel and Em from EmbelISH also turned into little elves, delivering star-shaped gingerbread delights and other goodies.

Beckybean (top) and Hot Fudge (bottom)

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned yet the sneakiest little elf of all, fellow BrisStyle blog editor Tracy, of Hey Harriet. Although Tracy didn't have her own stall at the market, she was there manning the BrisStyle table, and relieving stallholders, and basically being the most amazing Girl Friday. Thanks so much Tracy - there is no way the day could have run as smoothly as it did without your help. I know you prefer to stay behind the scenes, but I simply can't type this without saying a huge THANKS! XXX

REread (top) and Twinkle Star Art (bottom)

Did I say I was going to let the pictures do the talking? I'm not very good at that am I? Oh well, while I'm at it, can I just say, see that gorgeous little mermaid doll at the front of the dolls shown below? That's MINE!!!! Well, actually, it will be my daughter's on Christmas day, but I can't wait to give it to her :)

Made by Maisie (top) and Bettsy Kingston (bottom....he he...get it???...sorry...)

While I'm rabbiting on here, can I also say I huge THANK-YOU to all the people who supported us in this huge venture. I was amazed at how many people came down to say hello, from other local Etsy sellers to South East QLD bloggers, friends, families and general passers-by. Even the very lovely Kelley, creator of Peppermint Magazine came down to check us out and say hello. Thanks everyone - your support was very very much appreciated and it really added to the wonderful vibe happening on the day.

Oooh ooh ooh, and seeing as though I've dropped all pretense of showing any kind of restraint with my waffle, can I also say.....see that t-shirt at the very front below (with the dog applique)? My sister bought one of those for her son, and oh my goodness he looks SO gorgeous in it. He wore it for his first photo with Santa. You can't tell from this pic but the nose is fluffy - EEEKKKK, too cute!!!!

Sharlzndollz (top) and Tees 2 Knees (bottom)

The only problem with this market. *Sigh* I now have the hugest wish list. I'm sure my sister and I bought things from at least half the stalls at the market (thank-you Little Mary Moo, Hot Toffee, Strat Designs and Raspberry Pink to name but a few, and I'm looking forward to extending Kate's Made by Miffy wardrobe next year too....hmmm...and maybe some Mimoo pjs too - they were SOOOO cute). But if you're getting the idea that I could easily have had one of everything then you'd be spot on. Like most people it seems, I came away so inspired by the handmade brigade.

Sunshadow (top left), Ogekko (top right) and Jellygnite (bottom)

And lastly, this whole big event would not have even happened at all if it weren't for the tireless effort, energy and enthusiasm of this amazing lady below. Miss Ruby Red there are not enough words to say thank-you with. The success of this market is a testament to the wonderful person you are. We are all so very very grateful.

The wonderwoman herself, Helen of Ruby Red Studios & Ruby2GoGo

And if somehow after reading this you are thinking "I need to know more" then never fear. Below is a list of links to other blog posts about the BrisStyle market. So you can get more perspectives, more photos, and more info about the wonderful day that was the first ever BrisStyle Christmas Market. Please Enjoy. And on behalf of BrisStyle can I wish you much merriment, happiness, health, love and craftiness for the Christmas holidays. We will be back, bigger and brighter in the new year. Cheers, Bec XXX

Bits of Toffee - a little more...for Sally xx
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Market Mania!

Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
BrisStyle is coming to town!

(town in this case referring to the sweet suburb of Hamilton)

Only five more sleeps until the very first BrisStyle market! It’s just as exciting as that other big event which takes place later in the month involving the chimney sliding shenanigans of one very jovial fellow with an odd fondness for furry red suits.

(a selection of some of the delights created by stall-holders)

Approximately 30 BrisStyle members are participating in the market, so there certainly will be a diverse range of well-crafted and exciting wares on offer. It promises to be a fun and festive day, with live music, and tasty treats and refreshments available in the beautiful courtyard of the charming old Hamilton Town Hall. Also, BrisStyle’s favourite radio station 4ZzZ will be broadcasting live from the event in the afternoon as part of the popular and award winning At The Local program which is hosted by BrisStyle member Olivia (Scampsville) between 1pm and 2pm every Saturday. And if you ever miss the program the good news is that you can always listen to their podcasts anytime.

This market is the first of many that BrisStyle plan to have in the future and it was decided that the group will support a different local charity at each market event. The stall-holders will be donating a gift or voucher towards a raffle prize and tickets will be sold on the day, with all money raised being donated towards the chosen charity. The charities will also be given the opportunity to have a stall (at no charge) at each market to further promote themselves and provide information about what they do. The charity BrisStyle are supporting this Saturday is Knitting For Brisbane’s Needy and all the details can be found here about this crafty cause.

For those who are unable to attend the market, here is a list of all the participating BrisStyle member Etsy shops to check out at your leisure. From wherever you happen to reside. We certainly don’t want our faraway friends to feel left out of the fun!

Bugs in Rugs
Hot Fudge
Hot Toffee
Little Diva
Little Mary Moo
Made by Maisie
Made by Miffy
Miss Kitty Boo Boo
Not Sew Shabby
Ruby 2 Go Go
Ruby Red Studios
Salt Sea Tees
Trinkets & Roses
Twinkle Star Art
Wicked Child Designs

This little piggy will be going to market, and then this little piggy will be going Wheee! Wheee! Wheee! all the way home…happily loaded with lovingly handmade Christmas gift purchases!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Off and away!!!!

Last week these three parcels went out to the winners of our big blog giveaway. Hopefully they should be receiving them any time now. Woo hoo!!!!

Another thing that has been off and away lately is the number of new BrisStyle members. In the last few weeks we have had an explosion of interest in our little group, with enthusiastic and creative Brisbanites keen to join our happy band of artists and crafters.

So without further ado, I'd like to display a sample of goods from the shops of some of our new members. I could go on and on but I think the quality uniqueness of the goods really speak for themselves. Many of these members will also be taking part in our BrisStyle Christmas Market as well, so don't forget to keep the 13th December marked in your diary!!

Like I give a frock ruffle pants
by Bettsy Kingston

Soft Toy - Buddy
By Little Diva

Halter Top Skull Lover Too
By Kitty Boo Boo

Play Mat Vintage Apples
By Mimoo

Very Sex and the City....
By Not Sew Shabby

Pink and Purple Bracelet
By Raspberry Pink

Blue/Khaki Flying Saucer Set
By Salt Sea Tees

Aqua Ice Seed Bead Lariat
By Strat Designs

Playful little possum indoor shoes
By Sunshadow

Rocket Kids Applique Tee Shirt
By Tees 2 Knees

Paisley Princess Cha Cha Dress
By TikiBoo Kids

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Party Pics, Renaissance, & more FREE stuff!

Here are some pics taken at the BrisStyle Team meet-up at The Book Café in Mt Gravatt last Saturday. It was a fun morning, with our Secret Santa swap, the drawing of the blog giveaway and enthusiastic planning for the upcoming BrisStyle Christmas Market happening on Saturday 13th December.

I don’t recall that festive frog being in attendance. Frog face must have crashed the party after I left. Luckily another BrisStyler had left by then also. Would have been embarrassing because they were both wearing exactly the same outfits! Thanks so much to Em and Bel from EmBelISH for making the awesome Ferrero Rocher Christmas trees and for organising the meet-up! A great time was had by all!

Now onto a few things that BrisStylers are currently up to. The Renaissance Exhibition at Reverse Garbage opened last Friday and included in the exhibit are lovely handcrafted eco-friendly pieces by Ali (jellygnite), Bec (beckybean) and Helen (ruby red studios and ruby 2 go-go). I visited on Monday and took a few photos while there.

I am a Brisbane crafter and Art teacher and my work celebrates and is inspired by paper ephemera, vintage designs, memories, thriftiness and simplicity.

A big component of my making process is the use of salvaged and recycled materials: most of my work features at least 75% salvaged materials. I enjoy collecting and salvaging abandoned, old materials and transforming them, giving them a new and different life. I enjoy the extra ‘history’ salvaged materials bring to a piece as well as supporting the idea of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. So many wonderful materials can be found on the ‘scrap pile’!
- Ali Chisholm

My inspiration comes from the materials themselves, and the story behind them. I love the idea that a soft floral linen used in a handbag may have once been a girl’s first tablecloth, stored in her glory box until her wedding day. Or maybe the big sparkly button on a bookmark once glittered under the lights of a blue light disco in the 80s.

My pieces say a lot about who I am. And who am I? My name is Bec, and I am a mum, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I sew and I sing and I walk and I play. And I really like tea and chocolate.
- Bec Hollis

Helen is a local Brisbane Artist whose passion for nostalgia inspires her work. A part time air hostess, she is also heavily influenced by her intrepid travel adventures and surrounds. Viva the “re-purposed revolution”! Recycle, repurpose, reclaim, remodel, revamp, redesign, rediscover, recraft, rework, renovate, rescue, rekindle, reduce and revolutionise! - Helen Berthold

(info sourced from the Renaissance Exhibition artist bio booklet)

These photos don’t do the pieces justice, so you’d best head on over to see how truly amazing everything is. The exhibition is on in the Echoes Gift Shop during regular Reverse Garbage trading hours. This is one not to be missed! Fanflipintastic!

More giveaways! The big BrisStyle giveaway may be over, but four very generous and talented BrisStyle members are currently offering super giveaways on their blogs.

Teneale (wickedchilddesigns) is giving away a cool Gothic Gretel doll.

To enter click here. Quick! Ends Thursday 27th November.

Hayley (Re-Read) is giving away a fab Fruity Goose brooch.

To enter click here. Ends Sunday 30th November.

Cat (madebymaisie) is giving away a sweet Christmas Maisie doll.

To enter click here. Ends Wednesday 3rd December.

Eliza (ElizasArt) is giving away a print of your choice from her new website.

To enter click here. Ends Tuesday 9th December.

And a big bunch of BrisStylers are busy preparing for this…

To enter click…umm, nope. Just turn up! No clicking required. Phew! One more link and my head may explode!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Everyone's A Winner, Baby

…that’s the truth (yes, the truth)…and I can’t remember the rest of the lyrics. Hot Chocolate were right in saying everyone’s a winner. This is the time we announce the three winners of our first ever BrisStyle Giveaway! Please know that each and every one of you who took the time to enter, are winners in our eyes. You’ve won our hearts. Our love! For what that’s worth to you. The response to this giveaway has been quite overwhelming and we are really chuffed with the amount of entrants. Over 300! A super special thanks to all those non-BrisStyle bloggers who promoted the giveaway on their blogs. It was very much appreciated! If your name wasn’t one of the names randomly drawn this time, don’t worry, as there will be plenty more opportunities to win in the future. To kick off the New Year, each month a featured BrisStyle member will be contributing something to giveaway here on the blog. So 2009 will be the year of BrisStyle monthly giveaways! Anyway, let’s move on to the all-important announcing of the winners. Oh what am I saying? You’ve most likely already scrolled down and haven’t read a word of this…

The tin holding over 300 carefully cut out & folded names! Onya Bec!

The winner of Prize Pack #1 is...

Girl Ferment (Woohoos! Streamers! Applause!)

The winner of Prize Pack #2 is...

The Crafty Librarian (more Woohoos! Streamers! Applause!)

The winner of Prize Pack #3 is...

Sue from McHats (followed by more Woohoos! Streamers! Applause!)

Thud! Thud! Thud! … Thud! Thud! … Thud! … Thud! …is the sound of BrisStylers passing out from drinking far too much celebratory wine. The giveaway draw took place at our BrisStyle Christmas gathering, so do pop back in for a mid-week post featuring lots of fun photos from the event!

Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway! We will contact you shortly to request your postal details. Just as soon as the Panadol starts taking effect…

Saturday, November 1, 2008

HO HO HO - The BrisStyle Gift Pack Giveaway IS GO!!!!!

Christmas is often associated with stressed out department store crowds and crying kids being photographed on Santa's knee. And why do we do it? Because it is nice to give and receive. And Christmas is a chance to celebrate this. Seeing faces light up as we hand out presents, and receiving thoughtful gifts ourselves, most often makes all the pre-Christmas stress worth enduring.

So to celebrate the warm fuzzy side of the upcoming festive season (and to kick-start our own holiday cheer as we approach our first ever upcoming Christmas market) the BrisStyle team has put together three huge packs of handmade goodies from 17 BrisStyle members, to be given to three lucky random winners. And you don't have to elbow your way through any crowds to enter either!

"And what's the catch?" I hear you say. Well there's none, fair readers! Very simply, this is a promotional exercise for BrisStyle and its members, to showcase the quality and variety of our wares, and to make people aware of our blog, and our members' shops, which we hope you might visit. But you don't have to. No pressure. Really. We're just not like that.

To enter is simple.

Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, answering the following question: "How Did You Hear About BrisStyle?" Simple as that. Winners will be posted on this blog on Monday 24th November and you will have a week to contact us to arrange the postage of your gift pack! Easy peasy :)

Please note that this giveaway is open to international readers as well as Aussies!!! The only people who cannot enter are BrisStyle members and their immediate family. Also, only one entry per person - just to be fair.

So what can I win?

Here it is folks - time for me to rub my hands together in glee and do a little happy dance as I show you the goodies to be won. Each gift pack is valued at over US $100, and they are all of equal quality, value and gorgeousness!

Drum roll please..... (now imagine a lovely assistant with a cheesy smile and an evening gown doing wonderful ballet-like display motions with her hands as we present these Sale of the Century....all classy like. Noice!)

You can click on the item name to view a larger image in Flickr, or click on the shop name to view the associated member's shop - go on, you know you want to ;)




So to quickly recap, here's all the essential details:

How To Enter: Answer the question: "How did you hear about BrisStyle?" in the comments section below.

Giveaway End Date: Entries will close on Friday 21st November midnight Aussie time. We will draw the winners at a special BrisStyle function on Saturday 22nd November, and the winners will be posted on Monday morning (24th November 2008).

Who Can Enter: Anyone (international readers as well) except for BrisStyle members and their immediate families.

Good luck everyone - and thanks for joining us in raising a bit of Christmas Spirit. And a merry merry pre-Christmas season to you all :)

The BrisStyle Team!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gidget goes Ga-Ga for BrisStyle!

It’s United Nations Day on the 24th of this month. It’s the International Year of the Potato this year, as declared by the United Nations. How does this relate to BrisStyle you may well ask? Well, it doesn’t really except for the fact that potatoes are a popular vegetable and most BrisStyle members likely eat them on a fairly regular basis. When I think of potatoes I think of chips. Hot chips. With fish. Yes, fish & chips on the beach! So this post will feature a selection of BrisStyle seller items that fit in with the theme of sunny days on the beach eating fish & chips. So you see, there is a link to potatoes after all that. Phew! Lucky my first thoughts were of chips and not mashed potatoes. That would be a tricky theme to work with…

Print - Teasing the Waves Original Artwork
by Elizas Art

Dazzling Board Shorts for your Little Surfie
by Ogekko

Surfers Paradise - Vintage button Earrings

Julie Coquelicot (pretty pop) Hat

Little Portrait of a SURFER GIRL - Art Print

Northern Waters Wolf Brooch

Haven’t seen any wolves on any of the beaches I frequent, but sure wish I did. They’d chase away those pesky Ibis birds that are so fond of rudely stealing my lunch!

Pink Sun Top

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

I swear I saw our PM Kev on the beach recently. Or somebody who looked remarkably like him. He was wearing speedos. And it wasn’t pretty.

If you fancy purchasing any of the super items featured here, then simply click on the seller name to be transported to their Etsy shop. Best of all, in celebration of United Nations Day this month, if you purchase any of these items during October, a bucket load of good karma will be headed your way. That good karma will also extend to the purchase of any item from any BrisStyle member by the way. There’s plenty of good karma to go around! And chips! Would you like one? Ooops…too late. All gone.