Sunday, April 27, 2008

Featured Artist - Hot Fudge

Robyn Dixon is the owner of this fabulous store, stocking a range of children’s clothing, quilts and various other fabric items.

Coming from a long line of tailors and dressmakers, going back to her great-great grandfather, it is hardly surprising that she can produce such stunning, high quality items.

Over the past twenty-three years she has also been a quilter, making both traditional and contemporary quilts. In her twenties she owned a fashion boutique at Bondi Beach.

So don't be shy come and visit this lovely etsy store, Hot Fudge

1 comment:

Amalou said...

Your kids' clothes are so lovely Robyn.
I will be sure to tell everyone I know about you and I will be ordering from you soon for some summer dresses for my little daughter and her cousin.
My biggest challenge is what to choose, they're just all so gorgeous!
Amanda :-)