Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations Julianne and May.

The random number generator decided that Julianne is the winner of the gorgeous Strat Designs cherry felt ball drop pendant and earrings.

In her comment, Julianne said "As usual, some gorgeous goodies from talented brissy chicks : )"

And May is the winner of Raspberry Pink's Socrates the Sheep phone charm.

May said "I love the sheep, I am a sheep lover, I collect sheep! and this sheep is so adorable and irresistible! Very creative and I hope I am the lucky one!"

Julianne and May, could both of you please send us an email with your postal address to and Sophie and Lauren will pop your items in the mail for you :)

And thank-you to everyone who entered. Don't forget, we will have another double giveaway starting on 1st July, with gorgeous giveaway items from the lovely Michelle from Pedrosprout and Samantha from Jetta's Nest. So check back to get your entry in for that one, and enjoy reading about our featured members at the same time.



Chasing Snails said...

Really? Are you serious? Truly? Not playing with me? I am the ever-so-lucky winner of Strat Designs gorgeous pendant and earrings?

I need to run around and squeal for awhile - I am so very excited : ).

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Sandrine said...

Congratulations ladies these are fabulous prizes I agree;)!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

I,, I,, I ,,.. too happy to express..
I checked my mail today at work ( company policy, no surfing or personal use usually) and I got so exited about the your news!
I shown my colleague's I won the cutest sheep phone charm and overwhelm..they adore it too!
Thank you Bec, this make my day, oh my year best. I have never won anything so precious!
Thanks a million...
I will email and can't wait to see my lovely gift.Thanks for giving.


Amalou said...

Congratulations Julianne and May for winning those fabulous BrisStyle prizes. Can't wait to see what BrisStyle are giving away next :)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Hello Bec and fellow artists
this is so cool...
I notice you all living in Brisbane, oh mine, My brother just came for visit (from Vancouver)today and mentioned his daughter is going to Brisbane in February as an exchange student for 8 months in Brisbane University, studying Marine Biologist. They are asking if I know anybody who may help their daughter around, and coincident, you all living in Brisbane..

Chasing Snails said...

How lucky am I? Sophie is so freaking talented and I am so in love with my pendant and earrings... that you Sophie and BrisStyle : ).