Sunday, November 22, 2009

They have arrived....

Yep that's right our very first run of BrisStyle Limited Edition Re-usable tote bags have arrived and aren't they just beautiful!
These Totes will be on sale at our BrisStyle Indie Designers Market on December 5th for $10 each from the BrisStyle Promo Stand and also from a number of our stall holders. Keep an eye out as some of our stall holders will even have some special offers available on the day.

What a great way to minimize the use of plastic and paper bags and a great way to carry all that BrisStyle Christmas shopping home in style!

p.s If you are not a local or unable to attend our BrisStyle Indie Designers Market and would like to order a tote please feel free to email us at and we can work something out for you

See you on the 5th, Bel x


Sarah said...

Wow. Thats the first I've seen them, they are awesome. Love the design. Well done.

Chrisy said...

Just gorgeous!

Amalou said...

Oooo lovely! Sam should be very proud of her gorgeous 'dreamy eyes' design :)