Thursday, February 17, 2011

Etsy 101: Promoting your Etsy Store

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!

Promotion is the key to getting your Etsy shop known and making it a household name. There are plenty of 'Quit Your Day Job' interviews and 'Featured Seller' posts on the Etsy blog that profile established Etsy sellers who share their journey to success.  Below is a list of great promotional ideas for your Etsy store taken from some of these great 'Quit Your Day Job' and 'Featured Seller' articles:
  • Use social networking outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write a monthly newsletter to send out to your fans/followers.
  • List new items in your Etsy store regularly and renew items so that they stay at the top of search lists.
  • If you make jewellery, clothing or accessories, WEAR THEM yourself! It's free advertising and it will often end up prompting a conversation about your shop.
  • Attend markets and craft shows.
  • Pay for a small advertising space on a like minded crafty site.
Happy selling crafty peeps!


Unknown said...

yay ... leaving comments on blogs is a good way to spread yourself around also!!

Kommoner said...

Teehee at the comment by REread.

I do all the free stuff on that list; I'm a poor uni student!

Thanks for sharing guys. How about finding small local shops that will stock your handiwork?

Hot Fudge said...

Excellent advice. However, wearing my own Etsy items may scare the horses!

moose and bird said...

You're so funny Robyn!
Great tip ReRead, I agree that leaving blog comments is a great way of getting noticed! Also a good one from Kommoner, finding local shops to stock your wares. Happy Saturday and keep the ideas coming!