Friday, March 4, 2011

Etsy 101: Coupon Codes!

‘Coupon Codes' are one of the newest tools to be added to Etsy. Gone are the days of revising PayPal invoices to reflect shop discounts! ‘Coupon Codes’ make having an Etsy shop sale hassle free and a whole lot more appealing!

A little bit about ‘Coupon Codes’:
·    A ‘Coupon Code’ applies to all items in your Etsy store.
·    The ‘Coupon Code’ discount is automatically applied at checkout. No need for revising       PayPal invoices!
·    Etsy’s 3.5% transaction fee applies to the discounted product price, not the original price!
·    You can create and change the status of a ‘Coupon Code’ by going to ‘Your Account’ and ‘Coupon Codes’. Codes can be easily de-activated and activated. Deactivated codes cannot be used at checkout.
·    Once a new ‘Coupon Code’ has been created, the name and discount amount cannot be altered. If a ‘Coupon Code’ is deleted you cannot re-use the same ‘coupon code’ in the future.

To find out more about creating your own ‘Coupon Codes’ and ways in which they can be used, read this useful Etsy article

Have you used ‘Coupon Codes’ in your Etsy shop? Let us know what you think of them by leaving us a comment below.

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Anne @ LaughLand said...

I think there are two main types of coupon code - ones which anybody can use for a particular event e.g. a sale, and ones which only particular people can use. I have one coupon code which I give to customers when they buy an item from my etsy shop. This is a way of saying thanks.

In theory, everybody could end up knowing this code because I encourage customers to share the code with people they know. But there is value in this for me; it's not just a way of reducing my prices across the board. If someone passes the code on, it amounts to a recommendation because that person has actually bought something from my shop (or knows somebody who has).

I like being able to let my customers know I appreciate their business.