Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BrisStyle Information Session: Intellectual Property Law for Designers!

The year is flying by at record pace and it won't be long until our 2nd Information Session for the year rolls around. Please see below for all of the details:

BrisStyle Information Session
Intellectual Property Law for Designers

Intellectual property rights for designers can be very confusing and are often the subject of heated debates in creative circles. As designers, going public with a new design can be very unnerving as there may be nothing to stop another designer from using your design without giving proper credit. This information session will answer all of your questions regarding Intellectual Property Law for designers. The session will cover aspects relating to legal protection of your designs, using other people's work and what to do if things go wrong. Facilitated by Brisbane Intellectual Property Lawyer, Cameron Gascoyne, this session will be sure to answer all of your questions relating to your intellectual property rights as a designer.

Date: Saturday May 7, 2011
Time: 10am - 12noon
Place: St. Augustine's Church Hall, Racecourse Road, Hamilton, Brisbane.
Price: $20 for non-members. Free for members.
Bring: Please feel free to bring along a plate to share for morning tea and a notebook and pen! Tea and coffee provided.
RSVP: By emailing brisstylemarketing@gmail.com by April 17th 2011. Non-member payments due by 1st May.


For more information or to RSVP, please email brisstylemarketing@gmail.com

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jen@bluecaravan said...

Oh! Would love to hear about the session.

From running Bluecaravan I can see that there are lots of grey areas, and some Designers becoming justifiably upset. There are soooo many ways to skin a cat - it always leaves me perplexed when people outright copy.

Being successful in business requires a solid belief in what you are doing. I think that would be difficult when deep down (deeper down for some) you know that your product isn't you own.

Such a minefield, and one that is so important to explore...

It's interesting that even the biggest designers cant seem to stop the lightning speed in which their designs go from catwalks to Kmart. Just spurs furiously fast fashion... to be even faster.

What is the solution...?