Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

Did you have an unlucky Friday 13th yesterday?  Walk under ladders, run into black cats, drink your tea the wrong way?

Here at BrisStyle we've put together a Black Friday list with items our BrisStylers have available now on Etsy. Don't be unlucky and miss out!!

Renee Treml

Kimono Reincarnate


Kitty Boo Boo Design

Marjon Scheffer

To take part in our weekly Let's Go Shopping meme, post your Etsy finds on your blog then pop back here and add the blog post link below. Don't forget to link back to this post so everyone can check out all the fabulous Etsy finds. Anyone can play along so come join in the fun!


pannikin said...

Cool finds! I love the bat by Catamation!

Because I'm obsessed with buying notebooks (and then rarely writing in them) I decided to window shop for more in Etsy-land for my Let's Go Shopping post :)

shelleyberelli said...

Ooh - I didn't know there was a 'wrong' way to drink a cup of tea ... would that be without a yummy piece of cake? Lovely finds this week.x

Kellie Christie said...

Fantastic Finds Girls! Gotta love the little black cat pendant :)

Unknown said...

Love it! Thanks for including my dress! I love them all :)

Unknown said...

Too much time shopping! Now back to crafting for the next market :) xoxox love your work ladies!

catamation said...

thanks for including my bat!