Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visible Ink!

Visible Ink is part of Brisbane City Council’s Program for young people aged 12 – 26 (NB: There are also opportunities for those who tutor, provide services to or wish to run workshops for young people!! Also if you're 26-30 it's still worth getting in touch).

BrisStyle committee gals Helen and Rebecca recently went to visit their amazing space in the Valley (5 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley) and met with Visible Ink staff Chrissie and Kate who are awesome and are dying to provide support for creative peeps. While we were there we checked out their space and were overwhelmed by the huge amount of support for creative peeps such as:

- Access to Visible Ink staff to help you with developing your creative business/activity
- Access to computers and internet
- Access to a photocopier, guillotine and other equipment (eg someone had recently popped in to the space to produce their zine - for free!!)
- Access to a meeting room, rehearsal space, art/craft workshop area, kitchen facilities
- Small private offices/studio spaces for creatives

AND IT'S ALL FREE!!! Provided you are:
- aged 12-26 (if so you should definitely get in touch with Visible Ink and take advantage of their resources)
- 26-30 is a bit shady so still worth getting in touch with the staff to discuss your needs
- a group catering to young people or with a significant amount of young members
- and anyone of any age who offers workshops or would like to provide support to young people.

Chrissie from Visible Ink is also on the look out for people who may be interested in being involved in doing workshops for a crafternoon, for example she was recently looking for someone who could run an embroidery crafternoon or a blogging/etsy workshop. If you run workshops and have a  blue card you should get in touch with Chrissie so she can keep you in mind for future workshops/events.

You can contact Chrissie to chat further about any of the above. Her details are:
Chrissie Nowland
Visible Ink

Also pop over to Facebook and become a fan to keep up with everything Visible Ink!

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