Monday, January 9, 2012

The joys of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social photo sharing website or inspiration board that you can share with others.  The mission statement of Pinterest is to connect everyone in the world through shared tastes and the “things” they find interesting. It has hundreds of thousands of images from all over the internet on topics such as DIY & Craft, Design, Art, Travel & Places and Kids, just to name a few.

When you join pinterest you have a number of boards which you can name or theme and then"pin" images to these boards. Here are some of our favourite boards.

by Mel from Kimono Reincarnate 


 by Donna Flower
by Lauren Thorpe - Stamp 48
Pop on over and sign up to Pinterest now and Happy Pinning!


Amanda@Easy Peasy Organic said...

I love pinterest! I use it as a notebook of sorts, to keep track of treasures I find online.

Unknown said...

Nice work Kelly, I'm heading back over to Pinterest now! I love that place so much!

Flower said...

Wow, how fab...a board devoted to buttons!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

But be warned... it's highly addictive! Love, love, love Pinterest :)

Sandrine said...

Love love! and agree with Mel :)Should come with a warning label! hehe

wimcee said...

It's also a really great way to collect the things you can't actually physically get your hands on but would love to have just to look at and enjoy. I love it. Look for wimcee on pinterest, drop by and I'll share my cybercollections with you! Stephx