Sunday, February 19, 2012

Facebook Tips & Tricks - Etsy Links

Promoting your Etsy, madeit or other online store is super easy via facebook and a great marketing tool. Choose the product that you wish to promote from you store and copy the website URL which is found at the very top of your web browser window. It will look like https://www....... You can also use the website URL for your online store instead of the one item.

Go to your facebook business page, at the top of your wall you will see ‘share’ followed by status, photo, link, video etc. Choose ‘link’. Click in the box that appears and paste your URL then click ‘attach’. You will then have the option to write something about your link for example “I have been listing some brand new stock online this morning, here is a little sneak peek”. When you are finished click ‘post’ and your link will appear on you wall.

Happy Facebooking!

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