Thursday, June 7, 2012

Your Creative Business: Etsy: What's New!

xo Earrings by Epheriell
Each month Etsy releases an 'Etsy Merchandising Desk' article with lots of great information about promotional opportunities for sellers, themes to plan for, trends and upcoming dates to remember.
We thought we would share some of the highlights of June's article for those of you who missed out:

  • As of May 21 there has been a change made to how seller's are charged for listing items with multiple quantities. Instead of paying for multiple quantities up front you will now only pay for them as they sell. To read more about this check out this article: No Longer Pay for Quantity Up Front on Etsy.
  • Help Etsy curate their Australian homepage. As part of Etsy's commitment to their international community they now have an Australian homepage. The Australian homepage will be visible to those people who have their Etsy profile region set to 'Australia'. They are looking for people to curate Etsy treasuries which can be selected for use on the new homepage. For some information about what is required pop over and read the 'Help us curate the Australian Homepage' article.
  • Etsy has identified some top trends for June. Some of them include: world sports, gadget accessories, vintage fashion and decor, weddings and letters, numbers and symbols. For a full list of June trends visit June's Etsy Merchandising article.
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