Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet the Maker - Chrissy Foreman C - Art to Inspire

Hey there friends.  I've got a real treat in store for you today.  Our Meet the Maker interview today is with the very inspiring Chrissy Foreman C.  Her artwork is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and as one of the stars of the 2013 Saviours of the Lost Arts, her workshops filled up within a matter of days!

How would you describe your work?
Colourful, heartfelt, vibrant, giving, inspiring and completely amaze balls!!  (ha, ha, not really, actually yeah, kinda really.)

How did your Etsy shop come into being?
I opened my Etsy shop a couple of years ago and never looked back.  It's a constant source of inspiration and connections with amazing artists from all over the world.  In saying that, I've just launched my very own website shop which I'm super excited about!  Both shops came into being because I love what I'm doing so much, I want to inspire that feeling for my viewers - it's the best feeling!

Who or what inspires you?
Uncovering my secret dreams and realising that I can do them is inspiring me no end at the moment.  I'm letting myself dream big and my heart is literally exploding with ideas of things I want to do and share with others as a result!  I'm also crazy about colour, pattern, feelings and nature which feature in various combinations in almost all my works.

Do you 'reduce, reuse, recycle' as part of your creative process?  If yes, how is your art/craft eco-friendly?
Admittedly I'm not as green in my everyday life after becoming a Mumma (ugh.  Sooooo many nappies!); but in my art and business, I'm committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly products.  It took me ages to find suppliers that were both green and amazing quality but now I have them, I feel absolutely proud of everything I make!

Can you describe your studio/work area?
I've recently moved into my very own, separate studio space and being in there feels completely amazing!  My hubby lost his job recently so he's now Daddy-daycare while I go to my studio everday to create, paint, write and conjure.

What is your favourite thing to make?
At the moment, I love the process of rebranding everything in my website to share who I am as a person and what I stand for in my work.  So I guess you could say I'm into making my business successful and completely accessible in a cool, connective and creative way.

I'm now running DELICIOUS new 'Creating with Feeling' courses and feel completely and utterly blessed to be able to share my experiences and skills in ways that enable participants to feel safe to explore their creativity and feelings.  (You can check out more about Chrissy's workshops and retreats here.)

Where do you hope to see your creative journey taking you in the next 12 months?
I definitely want to make some really meaningful, heartfelt connections with people this year through my work.  I'm writing new e-books and workshops to inspire people's innate creativity and trust in their processes.  I've also recently uploaded a short movie of my intuitive painting and will be working on more of these.

What is your favourite handmade item that you have bought?
Oh my, what kind of question is this!  How does one choose?!  I think at the moment I'm pretty obsessed with Tess' amazing custom fabric necklaces under her Monkey & Mum label.  I already have three with more on the way!  Tess and I are collaborating on some jewellery projects using my designer fabrics which is bloody awesome!

Where can we find your work?
I'm building a special relationship with people who really 'get me' and want to stay inspired.  You can subscribe to my weekly 'Art to Inspire' email via the subscribe tab on my website.  It's jam-packed full of tips, art, freebies and discounts.

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Thanks so much for sharing with us Chrissy, it's always a delight to step into your creative world!  If you love Chrissy's work as much as we do, why not come along this Friday night and meet her in person!  Chrissy will be up on the deck in King George Square at the BrisStyle indie Twilight Market demonstrating her art!  What a treat!!


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