Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bondville 10th Anniversary Charity Auction!

To celebrate 10 years of writing on Bondville! the ever lovely Steph Bond has decided to forgo the traditional giveaway, and is hosting an absolutely massive Bondville 10th Anniversary Charity Auction to benefit the Children's Cancer Institute Australia!

And when she say's massive, She mean's that she has already received $2500 worth of products for Mum, Kids and Home, donated by incredible, generous, Australian designers, with many more to come. Each of those products will be auctioned on eBay from 15th Nov - 30th Nov 2013, starting at just 99c! It's a fabulous opportunity to pick up something gorgeous from Australian brands, just in time for Christmas!

An exclusive Polli stainless steel woven doily necklace, special colourway for the Bondville Charity Auction: RRP $219.95 | One-off handmade Craft Schmaft hot air balloon mobile: RRP $150.00 (DIY kits retail for $65.00) | Yellow and charcoal velvet pom pom cushion covers from Rachel Castle: RRP: $98 | Alimrose Violet doll from Baby Donkie: RRP: $49.95 | eeni meeni miini moh Special Dress in vanilla: RRP $109.95 | Uimi organic/Egyptian cotton Indiana cot blanket: RRP $165.00 | A collection of the red thread sewing patterns, kits and fabric panels: RRP $132 | Firecracker felt ball rug from Happy As Larry Designs: RRP $399.

Head over to the Bondville Charity Auction page to view all the products as they come in. If you would like to be reminded about the start date, Steph will send an email out on the 15th November to my monthly mailing list. You can sign up here.

If you are a local company and you would like to donate an Australia-designed product or service for Mum, Kids or Home, please head to the Submissions page. Submissions are being taken right up until 14th November 2013.

We wish Steph all the very best with her fundraiser and congratulate her on 10 years of Bondville! and can't wait to check out all the fabulous products as they are added to the auction.

Image Credit: Lisa Tilse (the red thread) for the above logo creation.

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