Monday, December 8, 2014

BrisStyle twelve gift guides for Christmas - Mum

With the tradition of the twelve days of Christmas I've brought you twelve gift ideas by BrisStyle members for Mum. These gifts cover craft, art, homewares and the much needed bling of uniquely made jewellery. You may even find something you like! Happy holidays and enjoy the selection.

Michelle Pujol

1. open pod earrings - Two Plums 2. Japanese print wristlet - Shelly Berelli 3. stacking art work - Cross your heart 4. polka dot crochet hook - The spotted hook 5. yarn bowl - Servant Ceramics 6. teardrop earrings - Small Green Leaf
7. blue woven fused glass fruit bowl - Simone McCluskie  8. ruby throated hummingbird fine art print - Winnifred's Daughter, 9. sterling silver open drop earrings - Kimono Reincarnate  10. art work wooden block - Mon Manabu
11. new growth specimen pendant - Michelle Pujol Jewellery 12. tree branch slice necklace - Mon Manabu

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