Thursday, May 1, 2008

Church Markets

There’s a lot to be said for the church markets around Brisbane these days; they’re not all crocheted face-washers and doilies. They are becoming just a little more ‘hip’ and popular, featuring lovely felted items, handmade jewellery, vintage fabrics transformed into bags, handmade books and other treasures! True, the face-washes are still there, but now they’re in good company!

I am a regular attendee of such church markets, selling handmade treasures similar to what can be found in my jellygnite etsy shop. The advantage of these markets are many - the very reasonable fees, the wonderfully unrushed community atmosphere and the fact that you are also supporting charitable organisations. And because there is such a small cost to the stall-holder, your profits from your sales can be bigger!

My upcoming markets are on Saturday the 3rd May at Stafford Heights Baptist Church and Sat 10th May at St William’s Grovely. Take a new look at church markets!

By Ali of Jellygnite


Hot Fudge said...

I just love your work, Ali, particularly your adorable little monkey dolls. I can imagine that your goodies sell very well at the church markets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali. Love you store and your suggestion to hit up the Church Markets.
I recently wrote a post on about markets and we had someone asking for tips on Brisbane Markets.
Could you share a few more upcoming markets they should look out for?