Monday, May 5, 2008


Bec Hollis is the girl behind Beckybean ( - an Etsy store selling unique handmade bags, and accessories. When asked about how she came up with the name, Bec says, "Beckybean was once my childhood nickname. When I was a girl, I had a yellow budgie. Every day I would come home from school, and the budgie would ask, “Where’s Becky been? Where’s Becky been?” Now, every time I sit down to make a new bag, I am taken back to those days, when I really believed that just maybe there were fairies in the bottom of the garden."


Bec believes it is important to know the ‘story’ of things. This is why each Beckybean bag comes with its own story on the back of its tag. Every bag is constructed using the best of new and recycled fabrics and buttons, and this is what makes each bag’s story unique.

Recycled fabrics may have once been tablecloths, curtains or upholstery samples. Or they may just be fabric remnants, or a beautiful old dress, left at an Opportunity (thrift) Shop. New fabrics may have been imported from Japan, or they may be part of an exclusive range from a fabric designer (many fabric designers have their own websites, and even blogs, so you can continue the story of your bag even further – should you wish to do so). All buttons used on Beckybean bags come from Bec's personal button collection, which started with a big tin of vintage buttons given to her by her Grandma.

Bec also gives every bag a unique name, which are not necessarily 'people' names. In keeping with the 'inspiring things from her childhood' theme, Bec has chosen names which are all references taken from Enid Blyton books (some of the bags sold already have included a 'Dame Washalot' bag and a 'Pop Biscuit' bag (from The Magic Faraway Tree). Bec says, "I don't actually state this on Etsy, as it gives me a thrill to think that some people will see the theme and work it out themselves (and it makes me giggle to imagine what people who don't know their Enid Blyton books must think of my naming!)."

So have a look around the Beckybean shop, or check out Bec's personal blog at for behind-the-scenes info, and general crafty goodness!


Hot Fudge said...

Lovely story, Bec. It's nice to think each bag has its own personality. And the mention of Enid Blyton took me way back to my own childhood, well before you were born!


Ali said...

Beckybean's bags are the best!
And such a well-written article, Bec!
so creative!