Sunday, July 4, 2010

Enjoy the comforts of Nan's Garden at BiECO

The ladies from Nan's Garden love to encourage and inspire people to think outside the box when it comes to recycling, upcycling and reusing.

"We at Nan's Garden use recycled, upcycled and sustainable materials to make stylish clothes and toys for children aged NB to 5. I love hunting through op-shop and Reverse Garbage to find inspiration for our next range of clothing."

"Our most popular item is our Eco Elles made from old woolen blankets. Not only are they cute but they remind people of all the great memories of staying at their Nan's place. We really believe is trying to get people excited and passionate about the environment and show them that you can make something really wonderful from what other people think has had its day."

"We use a lot of bamboo and organic cottons in the fabrics that we buy new so we know they are a sustainable resource. We hand dye, hand screen sprint and hand sew so we know exactly the impact each item has on our environment."

"We really want to encourage people to start their own gardens at home so we hand make our swing tags using recycled paper and embed them with herb seeds to people can start their own gardens at home."

Take home a little piece of Nan's Garden at the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market on Saturday 10 July, 9am-2pm at St Augustine's Church Hall and Grounds, Racecourse Road, Hamilton. BiECO is proudly supported by Peppermint Magazine.


Bec said...

Oh such lovey things - and I am so totally in love with those swing tags. Beautiful and brilliant!!!

alipink said...

I have my eye on one of the dolls. They are delightful! See you on Saturday :-)