Monday, October 25, 2010

Enrich Your Life With an Oldie!

The BrisStyle Indie Eco Market is now less than 2 weeks away. In support of our chosen charity, Peninsula Animal Aid, we will be featuring a selection of furry friends on the blog each week to assist in finding them all a loving new home. This week we are featuring some of the older dogs currently available at Peninsula Animal Aid.

There's no such thing as a typical oldie, and there's no such thing as a typical home. Maybe you want a companion but your own health means you are unable to satisfy the exercise needs of a young dog. Oldies are often quite happy with a potter around the garden and a 20 minute slow-paced stroll around the neighbourhood.

Some oldies are ideal for families/couples who are active, but out for some of the day. These dogs thrive in a lively household with a couple of brisk walks each day and longer walks at weekends, but enjoy the peace and quiet when their owners are at work, and they're left alone to snooze in their doggy bed.

How many of us know what we will be doing in five years time, or ten? Many people could offer a fantastic home to a dog but 'would like to travel in a few years' or 'will go back to work when the kids start school'. When you take on a pup or a young dog you need to be as sure as you can that you can honour that dog with a home for life, which can be anything up to 18 years or more. With an older dog, the commitment is just as immense, but the time-frame is likely to be shorter.

Obviously oldies are not for everyone but they do have so much to offer. They are generally less problematic than younger dogs that still need guidance and training, given that very few oldies will not have spent at least some of their life in a home environment. For this reason they make ideal choices for first-time dog owners. The reward of knowing that you have given a noble and faithful dog a warm, loving home for the last few years of his life is incalculable.

This week's featured furries include Tazz, Button and Mitchell. Check out their doggy profiles below.

Tazz is an 8 year old Staffy X. He was left tied to the fence at Peninsula Animal Aid with a note saying "Unable to keep him, loves children but dislikes cats". Tazz has a loving personality but is becoming very depressed in the shelter. He wants a family where he can get lots of love and cuddles. Tazz needs to go to a home where he is the only pet, and must have 6 foot fences for his own safety. He needs to be allowed inside as part of his new family.

Cute as a Button! Button is a 7 year old Staffy X. He's house-trained and would like to be an inside/outside boy. He is very nice on the lead. A older family or couple would be best suited for this boy. Button has lived with a smaller dog and seems to like other doggy company. He was adopted from us as a pup and now he is back at the shelter through no fault of his own. Button must go to a home with secure 6 foot fencing for his own safety.

Darling Mitchell is an 8 year old Staffy X. He's an inside/outside boy who loves being with the family. He is wonderful with other dogs, and will be a great family pet if given half the chance! He loves to play doggy games and just wants a family - he will return your love tenfold. His new home must have 6 foot fences for his own safety.

If you are interested in providing a loving family home for one of these little guys please contact Peninsula Animal Aid. Their details can be found here.

You can also support the work of the Peninsula Animal Aid by coming along to the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market and purchasing a ticket in the BrisStyle raffle. All proceeds from the raffle will go to Peninsula Animal Aid and you could win yourself a basket full of handmade goodies.

Saturday 6th November, 9-2pm
St. Augustine's Church Grounds and Hall
Racecourse Road, Hamilton


Hot Fudge said...

When I read the headline, I thought you were talking about me.

BrisStyle said...

You're so funny Robyn. x

Mrs Button said...

I'm glad we're supporting these oldies. Would happily adopt Robyn, too. Love the photos. Lisa x