Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Inspirational Crafter.....

This week the BrisStyle team took some time to get to know Liv, the lovely lady behind Etsy shop 'Forever Inspired by Liv'.

How would you describe your work?
Handcrafted Jewellery with Heart.

How did your Etsy shop come into being?
My youngest son has a complex heart condition and one of the nurses that look after him mentioned that she regularly buys from Etsy. She suggested I check it out as she knew I made jewellery.

Who or What inspires you?
That's such a strong question.  When I was growing up, it was my parents.  They migrated from Denmark with 2 children in the 70's. My brother was 2 1/2 years and I was 6 months old.  They came with little else.  They are both incredible artists in their own rights.  My mother is a print maker and my father is a potter/ceramic sculptor and has guided me in my own journey.  Recently, it's been my 4 year old son, Dane.  As a newborn to 2 month old baby he fought and won a battle against an illness that kills most people and he's the only baby born with it.  For over 5 weeks we were told he would die but he had a point to prove and even now having to face numerous open-heart surgeries he shows such courage.  He will never really know what an incredible fight he put up but to me he will always be awe inspiring.  But now as a woman who is making her own story in life I have come to admire all women.  No matter what path we lead, all women weave an intricate story of their own.  Whether it be as a mother, a career woman or a bit of everything, there is something in each woman that lights their fire and gives them passion.  Nature has also always been a place of inspiration to me, whether it's the shape of a flower petal or the way the clouds swirl in the sky.

Do you 'reduce, reuse, recycle' as part of your creative process?
With the price of precious metals soaring through the sky, recycling has become the way of making jewellery.  Most commonly I will have customers come with their old jewellery and ask me to remodel it into something they really like.  I also save every tiny little shaving of scrap metal and have it refined so I can reuse it.

Can you describe your studio/work area?
My work area is chaotic to the untrained eye but I know exactly where everything is! I currently reside in the garage BUT there are plans for a studio when we renovate the house.....one day. As far as jewellery benches go, it's the Rolls Royce of benches.  I had my father build it for me so it was made to fit me perfectly.  It's my place of Zen.  Often I'll go sit out there just to centre myself if life gets too stressful, and with four children that can be quite regularly.

What is your favourite thing in the shop at the moment?
I personally love everything in my shop, that's why I made them.  But the pieces that I hold close to my heart are my fingerprint jewellery pieces.  I sell these to all corners of the world.  I developed this idea after we almost lost our son.  It made me realize how important those connections are.  By being able to make these pendants for people, I give them that connection in a new level.  Whether it be with their baby, child, spouse or parent.

Do you have any other places that people can view/purchase your work?

Thank-you for sharing your story with us Liv!

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Beautiful story - and stunning work.