Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shop Handmade: Mimmis

The handmade revolution is taking over Brisbane and its surrounds with a new 'handmade' shop on the scene, Mimmis! Mimmis is a boutique style store that stocks a gorgeous array of quality handmade items, vintage pieces, collectables and old furniture, fresh flowers and gifts! Mimmis is owned and operated by BrisStyle's very own Miriam, from bubbachenille.
The story so far, as told by Miriam.....
I don't quite know how I got here as there was never a huge amount of planning, just a flicker of a dream and then the sudden realisation that I should just go for it because if I don't someone else will and I'd never forgive myself if that happened!

My whole life I have worked mainly in retail, always wishing I had control over merchandising, shop floor plans, admin, rosters and all sorts of other things that were always set in place and beyond my control.  I always thought I had a better way of doing things being the one on the shop floor so to speak, and wondered how the decision makers could make all the rules when they weren't in touch with the customers or staff! I left paid employment outside the home about three years ago to do what I love and hoped the money would follow! Well.....I haven't made my first million  yet (and doubt I will) but the only person who gets to tell me what to do nowadays is me!

I started making what I thought were the most gorgeous bags the world had ever seen, sold all of those whilst at the same time falling in love with vintage chenille and other vintage fabrics.  I started making little children's clothing, then heat packs, purses, pillows, coasters, scarves, eco cloths, hats, Oh my, whatever I looked at I would ponder "could I make that from vintage chenille?"

I have come close to opening a shop once before but was swayed to the negative and then totally put it out of my mind until after about a year of seeing this empty shop across the road from our fave coffee place.  My daughters convinced me to "just do it Mum!"

Here I am 4 weeks into being a real life shop owner, "Livin' the Dream".

I am lucky to have many contacts who have come from my daughters and I organising The Handmade Expo Market, so I was able to approach many creative people to help me fill the shop with their lovely handmade goodies.  Lots of locals have found me too and are happy to have an outlet for their creativity.

I am still making my vintage chenille creations under the bubbachenille label and enjoy the company of Nicole Lacey who is the artist behind the Hot Toffee label, who has her studio set up in the rear of the shop.  It's a lovely arrangement as we both have company through the day as well as being able to showcase and sell our work, whilst creating.  See we ARE "Livin' the Dream!"

33B Victoria Street
Forest Hill  QLD  4342

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 9am-1pm
After Christmas Mimmis will be closed Monday and Tuesday


Designs by Rondelle said...

Good on you for just doing it Miriam!! Your shop is so beautiful, I love it. And my Hot Toffee earrings I bought there are my absolute favourite!!!

strat designs said...

Fantastic story, very inspirational. I wish you every sucess, Miriam. May all your dreams come true:)

bubbachenille said...

Thanks girls and thanks so much Brisstyle for going to great lengths in promoting "Handmade", all of us "handmadies" appreciate all the work behind the scenes that you put in. :-)

Me and My 4 Fellas said...

So proud of you Mum. You are certainly living the dream and when I look at your beautiful shop, I see YOU. This is how I envisaged your shop to be and you have made it real like...Now you wont kick yourself and you can say that you gave it a shot...Hope you have many fantastic years at Mimmis

BettsyKingston said...

What a beautiful shop, I can't wait to visit one day.