Friday, April 27, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y

Yes it is D.I.Y time :)
Today we need colours right?!
Let's cheer up with some quick, cute and colourful projects!
You might even want to pic some ideas for mother day?

First have a look at these sweet votives at the Fellow Fellow blog
not much is needed and a great use for those little scrappy bits of pretty fabric! 
Image source Fellow Fellow blog

To keep with the "scrappy" theme ...
Come and visit the pleated poppy blog for some colourful scrappy Lampshades inspiration.
Image Source the pleated poppy
And to finish...
much little bits of colourful cotton or wool in your stash?
Then Voila!
Image source the Yvestown shop
Hope you are feeling bright and inspired now :)! 

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wimcee said...

These are each lovely Sandrine - thankyou!