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Crafty Folk: Tricia Smout

It's been a while since we've had the pleasure of interviewing a crafty local doing wonderful things around the Brisbane area. We were lucky enough this week to catch up with Multi-Media Artist Tricia Smout to talk about her passion for fibres, paper, yarns and fabric and her creative residency at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative work?
I am a teacher and practising multi-media artist working with all types of textiles - fibres, paper, yarns and fabrics. I enjoy exploring the tactile qualities of the materials and playing with textures and colour combinations.

I am also passionate about calligraphy and lettering, and I use letters, words and symbols as the
inspiration to create hangings, artist books, sculptures and wearable art using a wide range of techniques. My artwork has been exhibited in galleries, published in journals, and purchased by collectors in Australia and overseas.

Making pages for a collaborative book!
This year I have the privilege of being the Artist-in-Residence at Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha. I have chosen “THE LANGUAGE OF NATURE” as my theme for the year. I will be demonstrating and running activities for adults and children throughout the year, as well as exhibiting my work. I am working collaboratively with many colleagues throughout the year. Shelter sheds at the gardens are being progressively decked out in garlands of flowers and leaves to illustrate some of the materials and techniques involved in my projects. I have started a blog to record my progress… please check it out…

Hanging swishy swathes in the bus shelter at the Gardens!

School holiday activities! Fun!
2. Who or What inspires you?
Hard to say! Almost anything and everything, but especially anything which includes any kind of
lettering or mark-making (or the potential for that).

3. Can you describe your studio/work area?
I have a ‘Feel Good’ work area which extends throughout my whole house… my mess is much larger
and more widely distributed than anyone else’s, so looking at mine makes you feel good about your
own! And it’s especially bad this year. My residency projects have now spread all over the lounge room chairs … and I still haven’t found time to sort all the stuff I rescued during the January floods last year.

The Mess!
4. Do you have any exciting upcoming events that you would like to tell us about?
June is a very busy month for me at the Gardens. We are celebrating the Winter Solstice with activities for the public making wreaths and candle covers… and I am still trying to finish work to display in my exhibition...
21 - 29 June
10am - 4pm daily
Richard Randall Art Studio
Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong
Daily activities. Free entry

I have advertised it as a “Celebration of Tricia’s Residency to Date”, and it’s definitely now a ‘work in progress’ exhibition ... I’ve run out of time!

Earlier this year I initiated my 'Flowers of Friendship' project by asking people to make a flower, and I received over 450. I hadn’t expected such an amazing response, so I’m still madly sewing them
together in hangings (one down and nine to go!)

Sorting the squares from the 'Flowers of Friendship' project!

Sewing the squares together!

An almost finished hanging - the one and only so far!
I will also have other collaborative projects in various stages of completion. Read all about it on my blog (and please visit my exhibition and say hello). I would also love everyone from all over the world to contribute to some ongoing projects … so please join in and ask all your friends and relatives to participate (due by 30 September)...

1. Post a decorated envelope to the Gardens
2. Email a close-up photo of part of a plant

I will be posting full details on my blog soon, or email me for more information
5. Where can people view or purchase your work?
I have started a blog specifically recording my residency, and my website describes my other work
and teaching. Both are still works in progress.

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