Monday, July 23, 2012

::Intellectual Property Law for Creatives ::

Last Saturday's session on Intellectual Property Law for Creatives was riveting......not to mention full of laughs and some great crafty examples, thanks to the ever so entertaining and knowledgeable  Cameron Gascoyne from Clayton Utz. 

It was a morning filled with oohs and aahs, lot's of great questions and the years best morning tea treats so far.

Here's a recap and stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks about how you can take in all the year's I ♥ Craft :: BrisStyle Creative Development Sessions  online! *Excitement*

Business Names (ARBN) - Mandatory registration for anyone trading under a name other than their own
Top Tip: You must have an ABN to register your ARBN

Trade Marks - Protects brands
Top Tip: Good brands are distinctive, not descriptive

Copyright - Protects the way artistic written and musical works are expressed
Top Tip: Copyright is lost if you produce more than 50 pieces of the one work.

Designs - Protects the visual appearance of products.
Top Tip: You can only register a design of a brand new product ( one you have yet to sell)

Patents - Protects inventions
Top Tip: You need around $1million dollars to register a patent so not something that is used regularly by crafters.

Know How- Competitive advantage through trade secrets
Top Tip: This is you most valuable asset!  

Thanks once again and we really look forward to sharing another great
(Limited spaces are still available for the 
 August 18 session on Selling Online so book now!)


Lesley said...

I couldn't make the morning, but that's a wonderfully concise, and clear view of the IP minefield

myclectic said...

great info session, many thanks to Cameron for making it all easy to understand for non lawyers. And thanks to the BrisStyle team for organising it all.

denthe said...

I forgot to fill out the little evaluation form. Just wanted to let you know that the first session I've been to was great: very informative, friendly and competent team, and the most awesome tea treats! If the lady who made the delicious chocolate chip cookies wants to share her secret: please do!

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