Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wish You Were Here - Etsy Craft Party 2012

(wish you were here - Etsy Craft Party 2012)

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of hosting an Etsy Craft Party right alongside our BrisStyle indie Twilight Market in King George Square.  It was a fabulous night with perfect weather, a market buzz in the air and piles of crafty peeps keen to get their glue on!

(maps and old books filled to the brim with Aussie goodness!)
With the theme being 'wish you were here' we set up our crafty tables with loads of old school atlases, maps and Australiana books, not to mention stacks of travel guides too.  The crafty visitors then set about making the most amazing array of postcards you could ever imagine.

(crafters partying)
(you know what they say about couples that craft together...)

(lots of kiddies got amongst it too!)
We'd like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank-you to everyone who made our Etsy Craft Party the great success that it was so here goes.....we'd like to thank Etsy for hosting such an event with a special thank-you to Julie for helping us along the way.  Thank you so much to Michaels for sending us the most amazing array of craft goods we could ever imagine.  A special thank you goes to Hayley from ReRead for providing us with a generous stack of travel brochures, Tracey for donating all the lovely cutters, to Sandrine for being super helpful and taking such lovely photos, to Bel for being a super organiser along the way and to everyone who came along and had fun...we had loads of fun too!!

(Etsy Crafty Party 2012 - Brisbane, Australia!!)

If you came along, please fill out the Etsy Craft Party Survey to let us know what you thought and if you've got any ideas for future crafty events, please leave a comment here and let us know...we'd love to hear from you!


Unknown said...

Such a cool idea, these pics are awesome. Great turn out for crafting on a Friday night in the City!

Hot Fudge said...

What a brilliant occasion - wish I could have been there. I'm so pleased the weather was beautiful - at last! The photo of the '82 Commonwealth Games book used at the Etsy Crafty Party brought back so many happy memories. We arrived in Brisbane with three children in tow the day after the Commonwealth Games commenced in 1982 and spent four of the happiest years of our lives there before being transferred back to Sydney. Like a boomerang, we came back in 1990.

Sandrine said...

It was loads of fun was it! :) Thanks Sam x

Sandrine said...

It was loads of fun was it! :) Thanks Sam x