Friday, November 23, 2012

Crafty D.I.Y

We are slowly and surely entering the gift giving season, aren't we?!

So let's take a peek at some handmade gift inspiration for 3 very different type of recipients:)

For him:

Stitch your own suspenders for something fun and stylish for the man in your life.

Image Source A Beautiful Mess
For the "littlies":

What a cute Apple plush pillow Tutorial.

Image Source A beautiful Mess

And ...For our furry friends too, why not?!

Come and check out this homemade dog treat recipe!

Image Source Come on, Ilene!

Happy making!

Sandrine x


Unknown said...

Cool ... although my dog will eat discarded sandwich wrappers from the side of the road - more of a a gourmand than a gourmet!

BrisStyle said...

haha yes mine fits the same category "sigh" :) x