Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{FEATURED DESIGNER} Candykins Crafts

Sewing isn't something I can do.  I'm terrible at it.  So I am always so impressed by those designers and artists who can.  The time, love and effort that goes into every Candykins Crafts piece is clear.  These pieces aren't mass produced, they're entirely handmade by Candy.  My favourite pieces are Candy's custom children's embroidered art.  I really love looking at children's illustrations, their drawing always seems so care free and full of fun. Candykins Crafts take these drawings and make them into a wonderful embroidered keepsake; felting and sewing the design for you to treasure.  There seems to be no limit to what Candy can do with some fabric, a needle and thread.  

Sit back, take 5 minutes and read Candy's inspiring story. 

<3 Amanda 

How would you describe your work?
My tagline is “cute and quirky handicrafts to brighten your life” - I work with wool felt and cotton and linen fabrics, using hand embroidery techniques to create brightly coloured, unique felt brooches, gadget cases, and hoop art. 

How did your Etsy shop come into being? 
I am a psychologist by profession, but these days I am a Mummy at home. I went back to work for a half day per week after my first child was 6 months old, and found that I was bringing a lot of work stress home. My mentor told me I needed to find something to do that would really refresh and relax me. That prompted me to rediscover my love of creating things with my hands. At first, I started blogging about my making, which helped me remember my love for writing as well. Although I did open my Etsy shop around about then, I found it all a bit daunting (circles, treasuries, favourites, teams, etc.!) and put it off for a while. After having my second child, I found that making time to create was really important for my wellbeing and decided to invest more time in getting my Etsy shop set up. 

Who or What inspires you?
Vintage fashion, especially mid-century fashion. Nature. My kids and their mischievousness. My grandmother and mother, who encouraged my making and taught me crafty skills. The wonderful BrisStyle team and other teams I am part of on Etsy for their generosity, encouragement and supportiveness. And colours, I love colours. 

Do you ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ as part of your creative process?  If yes, how is your art / craft eco-friendly? 
I love op-shopping, and have since I was a teenager. I love finding retro fabrics – whether they are fabric remnants or old sheets or even clothes from another era. I love to embroider on these for my hoop art, or use them to make new aprons or other bits and bobs. I have been experimenting with eco felt (made from post consumer waste, plastic bottles and the like), and often use this in my kids' artwork embroidery pieces. I know there is much more I could be doing, but it is a process, and I like to think I am growing in this area.

Can you describe your studio / work area?  
We have this great space in our house that we like to call our 'rumpus room' - previous owners closed in a patio area. It's a nice big space filled with the kids' playthings, as well as a corner for my hubby's drum kit and a rather large corner for my craft studio. The positive thing about sharing the space with my young children is that it forces me to be somewhat organised, and put things away after I'm done with them! 

What is your favorite thing in the shop at the moment? 
I would have to say the felt raincloud brooch in both its forms – with rainbow raindrops and the one with blue raindrops. 

Do you have any other places that people can view/purchase your work? 
Instagram & Twitter: @candykinscrafts

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