Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday BrisStyle!!

It's hard to believe we've just celebrated BrisStyle Inc.'s 5th birthday, the years seem to have flown by!  What a whirlwind it's been since that very first chat over coffee to our now thriving little community of amazing artists, crafters and makers of all kinds.

We celebrated with a well deserved night out at the fabulously cute Southside Tearoom where the cider's on tap, the sweet bar guy, Ben makes ace cocktails and the chip platter is an assortment of Twisties, Pringles and potato chips with a generous serve of delicious homemade french onion dip!  Did I mention the pizza?  The pizza was amazing also and then there was cake...three different flavours in fact with candles too.  I highly recommend not only the caramel carrot cake but the vanilla cake which was a sweet, sweet journey to sugar land!

So many wonderful members came out to play and we all had such a lovely time catching up away from the usual market environment.  

The air was electric with creative conversations, market anecdotes, general silliness and lots and lots of laughter from our very newest members to those who've been with us from the very beginning!

Big thanks to everyone who donated a lucky door prize and congratulations to everyone who won!  For a full run-down see below:

$50 Collective Store voucher - Barry Johansen (Barry Johansen Creative)
$50 Nook voucher - Jennifer Bell (i do it yourself)
$25 Tangled Yarns voucher - Candy Barnes (Candykins Crafts)
$50 Incube8r voucher OR 1 month shelf space - Kathy (Ra Ra Superstar)
Earrings and hair-clip set from Hot Toffee - Sandrine Marsh (Imagein Cafe)
Movie Passes to the preview screening of First Position at Palace Centro - Dyani (Little Deer Creations) and Maciek (Marta Walenda)
$50 Handmade High Street voucher - Clare Collyer (Zillpa)
$50 Ministry of Handmade workshop voucher - Kirsten (Each to Own)

Check out more fabulous photo's from the night here.

Until next time, as they say, that's all folks!

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Hot Fudge said...

What a fabulous night it must have been and how I would have loved to be there with you celebrating five years of incredible growth. Congratulations to here's to the next five!