Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 5 Lifestyle Magazines for Creatives

While craft-themed magazines like Vogue Knitting and Crochet Today have a special place in every maker’s heart, lifestyle publications can inspire and refresh. These five mags are chock-full of stories for creative types. 

1. Peppermint 
One of the most cherished Australian magazines, Peppermint promotes sustainable and ethical style. In other words, ‘eco’ is their middle name. From the story of Fair Trade chocolate to their online Sewing School, Peppermint’s variety of features keeps readers coming back for more. 

2. Extra Curricular Magazine
Hailing from New Zealand, Extra Curricular Magazine is tiny and beautiful. They focus on part-time creatives, interviewing them in their homes and getting to the bottom of why they craft and build. ‘Self’ is a word you’ll see a lot of in Extra Curricular: ‘self-publishing’, ‘self-sufficiency’, ‘self-made.’ Pick up Extra Curricular if you’re into a DIY lifestyle.

 3. Mollie Makes
From features on crafter’s homes to inspiring tutorials to covetable stash (as they call it), Mollie Makes is a must-read lifestyle and craft magazine from the UK. They also produce a weekly craft magazine for the iPad called Gathered full of videos, projects and stories. They even have a book club.

4. Uppercase Magazine
Graphic design enthusiast? Illustration africionado? Avid crafter? Uppercase is the magazine for you. Although Uppercase is a Canadian publication, their stories cover internationally interesting topics such as vintage etiquette and building community when you work solo.

5. Anthology
Every month American magazine Anthology explores a different theme such as blending professional and personal lives, wit and whimsy, or handmade at home. Their most popular blog topics include Artists at Work and Decorating. Think of Anthology as a crafter’s Vogue Living.

This post was written by Katie Fedosenko

About the Author
Katie Fedosenko is a freelancer journalist and communication consultant. When she’s not knitting amigurumi vegetables or sewing Very Easy Vogue dresses, Katie can be found producing zines and slamming poems. Visit her at

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