Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meet the maker - Angela Tracey - Poppy Wynter Designs

This week we meet the lovely Angela, creator of boutique stationery label Poppy Wynter

Were you creative as a child/do you come from a creative family?
Yes, I have always been inspired to be creative since a young age, my Nana who is now 92 still takes Art Classes for her bark paintings every week. And my mum who has been sewing since she was 15. I hope that I have inherited just a little of their creativity.

How would you describe your work?
Unique, I love doing custom designs for customers and have something that is different to the rest.

How has your work evolved since you started?
I have learnt a lot from other designers along the way but I think the moment I evolved was when I decided to go it on my own. This has been a huge learning curve and I am so excited about it.

How did you start selling online/ Etsy?
It was only natural to jump straight into the selling online scene and Etsy is just an amazing place to sell. 

Who or what inspires you?
Everything, I could spend hours looking through wedding blogs and homeware blogs love, love, love it!!  

Do you reduce, reuse, recycle as part of your creative process? 
I am always conscious of reusing and recycling.  

Describe your studio/workspace?
Sometimes at the kitchen bench, other times out on the deck. Depends what mood my 4 month old is in. But when I do get a chance to work in my studio its on my lovely vintage wood desk with lots of inspiration around.

What is your favourite thing to make?
My ‘love story’ invitations. I love getting my customers love story and creating it into a special custom invitation that is as unique as their wedding.  

How did your business/shop name come about (if applicable)?
I always said if I have a little girl I would name her Poppy Wynter. Um I now have a 4 month old and her name is Olive. So it became my business name.

Where do you see your creative journey taking you in the next 12 months?
I would love to grow my business to be more of a full time job. Would really love to build my brand by doing a lot more markets within Brisbane.

What’s your top tip to others wanting to break into the handmade/creative market?
Consistency. It’s really hard to stay motivated when you see nothing happening but keep that consistent flow of new products, facebook/instagram post and eventually you will start to reap the rewards.

Describe your typical creative day?
My brain starts at 5.00am. I always lay in bed with ideas of new designs, so this just gets me motivated to get up and put them down on paper. In between looking after the girl, I always sit down for creative time during the day.

What is your favourite handmade item that you have bought?
When I got married I bought a beautiful “twigs and honey” headpiece. I think I will always have it on display.

Where can we find you online/stockists (links etc)?
Instagram – Poppy Wynter Designs

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